The real reason handcrafting is having a revival

The real reason handcrafting is having a revival

A great way of showing off your creative side, handcrafting has long been a popular hobby for people of all ages. With the ability to create gorgeous bespoke pieces in your own time, it’s no surprise that arts and crafts have had another surge of popularity.

There are a plethora of other reasons why this type of art has had a revival – here are just a few that may inspire you to give handcrafting a go yourself.

With more and more people becoming increasingly more aware of the climate crisis we face, it’s no surprise that handcrafting is becoming more popular. Throwaway culture is undeniably dangerous and far from eco-friendly, after all.

Instead of putting broken items in the rubbish or buying brand new pieces of decor, people are now looking into how they can fix their own items, as well as reviving second-hand pieces. Purchasing second-hand furniture and decor – or thrifting– cuts back on resource and water waste, as well as preventing items going to landfill.

Fixing up and reusing furniture is incredibly important, which is where handcrafting steps in. You can give your home a makeover and put your own spin on it without wasting anything. Plus, you can reinforce your projects using high-quality crafting materials to ensure they last longer than any decor you can pick up in a shop.

Time for you
Everyone needs time to switch off, particularly after a long day at work. While many of us are tempted to binge-watch our favourite show on Netflix, this has little reward in the long run and can lead to eye strain after a day of looking at a computer screen or phone.

Crafting is the perfect way of fitting in some ‘you time’ allowing you to forget about your wider worries, focusing instead on the project ahead of you. It gives you time away from technology and distractions, to focus on making something with your own two hands that you can enjoy later.

The perfect route into your own business
Personalised gifts and one of a kind products have always been popular, but online platforms like Etsyand Not on the High Street have made it much easier for people to purchase completely handcrafted items. Not only is it easier to buy them yourself, but uploading your own creations to sell is too.

You can turn your crafts into a business should you have enough skill and time to commit to it, making handcrafting a great side hustle – or even a full-time job eventually, should you wish. You can sell anything from furniture and decorations to accessories and jewellery on these speciality websites like Etsy.

What handicrafts can you try?
●     Knitting and crochet
●     Furniture renovation
●     Pottery
●     Basket weaving
●     Paper quilting
●     Embroidery
●     Candle making
●     Quilting

No matter the reason behind your crafting, having a hobby you’re truly passionate about is incredibly fulfilling. Whether you have experience being creative or you’re a complete newbie, starting up a new project is a great way of getting time to yourself while producing something unique.