The Seychelles Invites All Visitors To Explore The Garden Of Eden Without Restrictions

The Seychelles Invites All Visitors To Explore The Garden Of Eden Without Restrictions

Seychelles opens up to the world  

The Indian Ocean island destination has announced that it will be welcoming visitors from across the globe, irrespective of their vaccination status, as from March 25, 2021. Visitors from South Africa will still not be permitted to enter Seychelles for the time being until further review.

The announcement was made by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Sylvestre Radegonde in a press briefing this morning, Thursday, March 4, 2021, at the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) conference room at Botanical House following the Tourism Task Force Committee meeting.

·      Visitors will now only be required to present a negative PCR test taken 72 hours prior to departure.

·      There will be no quarantine requirement nor restriction on movement upon entry into Seychelles.

·      Additionally, the minimum stay in establishments upon arrival will no longer be applicable.

However, visitors will still be required to adhere to other public health measures put in place in view of the pandemic these will include wearing of face masks, social distancing, regular sanitisation or washing of hands.

The new measures also give visitors access to all communal area within the hotel premises inclusive of bars, swimming pools, spas and Kid’s club.

Minister Radegonde stated that the decision to review and relax the entry procedures in the country has been made possible in view of the success registered in the aggressive vaccination campaign that the country embarked on earlier in the year.

“The vaccination campaign has been quite successful. The government has done everything in its power to make sure that the population is protected. We have now arrived at the point where opening our borders further is the next step to allow for our economic recovery. The measures being announced reflect broadly the recommendation of our tourism partners and have been done in full consultation with and the endorsement of our health authorities.”

The small island nation off the east coast of Africa whose economy is based primarily on tourism was the first African country to launch a bold, comprehensive and effective Covid-19 immunisation campaign, in January 2021.

The destination will continuously review the new entry measures to ensure that at all times the health and safety of the visitors and the local population are not compromised. More details will be available shortly through the updated travel advisory on

World famous beaches, stunning rock formations, beautiful coral reefs and sealife to ancient protected forest the Seychelles has it all the discover.

·      Vallée de Mai, UNESCO protected ancient forest, Praslin

·      La Digue Island a stunning island paradise

·      Anse Lazio beach, Praslin

·      Anse Source d’Argent beach, La Digue

Scattered like summer blossom across the Indian Ocean, The Seychelles is a destination well-renowned for being the ultimate in luxury, celebrity escapes, family adventures and the honeymoon location that dreams are made of. The 115 islands are hailed for their exquisite natural beauty, the peaceful harmony enjoyed by the multi-ethnic society, heavenly beaches, luscious peaked backdrops and a near perfect climate where the temperature is always somewhere between 26 and 33 degrees Celsius, earning the islands a reputation as ‘land of perpetual summer’.

Out of all of the Seychelles islands, currently only 16 have hotels, several of which offer the most luxurious amenities and all of which possess their own natural charm. They offer everything from the opulence of world-famous 5-star resorts to the picturesque charms of affordable smaller hotels, Creole guest houses and self.

The islands’ utopian promise has long acted as a magnet to travellers in search of the Holy Grail of pristine tropical beauty and many famous travellers have beaten a path to its shores including the likes of Ian Fleming, author of James Bond, who visited the islands to receive inspiration for one of his Bond books.

Beach lovers travel from all corners of the globe to experience Seychelles’ world-class beaches.  Anse Source d’Argent is among the island’s most famous and is celebrated for its granite boulders that seem to have been sculpted by a divine hand to adorn a beach of breath-taking beauty while at the Union Estate, visitors will have the chance to view some of the traditional local industries of times past.  Nature lovers will have the opportunity to seek out the rare Black Paradise Flycatcher, once thought to be extinct but now protected in the La Digue Vev Special Reserve which is also home to two extremely rare species of terrapin. The woodlands of La Digue are especially attractive and nurture several species of delicate orchids. The island is also an ideal stepping-stone for the nearby island attractions of Grande and Petit Soeur, Félicité, Coco and Marianne.

The remaining five groups of Outer Islands represent the far frontier of the Seychelles holiday experience. Here, shimmering atolls and reef islands, thread like pearls on strings of surf and unaltered since the days of their origin, offer the summit of island-style living. Currently, four such islands offer accommodation: the islands of Denis and Bird located 100 miles to the north of Mahé and Desroches Island in the Amirantes and Alphonse in the Alphonse group of islands, 140 miles to the south-east. Here the fishing, diving and sailing are superb in places where the only sail on the ocean and the only tracks on any beach will be your own.

Take a journey below the dazzling blue waters and you’ll find yourself amongst a natural aquarium boasting a dizzying array of coral reef fish, turtle, ray, shark, dolphin, marlin and sailfish as well as colourful coral growth and a host of other marine organisms. The world’s largest fish migrates to these waters: that gentle giant of the seas, the 40 ft. whale shark – one of Seychelles’ many protected species.

The islands have been made accessible as never before thanks to the arrival on the aviation scene of major players such as Emirates Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airways, British Airways, Etihad, Kenya airlines and Qatar Airways, which offers daily frequencies to make Seychelles virtually one stop away from anywhere on the planet with the added advantage of zero visa requirements for any nationality.

In a fast-paced world, we so often crave an escape, an existence and an experience where we can leave our cares behind and reconnect with Mother Nature.  Somewhere we can regroup, relax and refresh, waving goodbye to our feelings of tiredness and daily stresses. Somewhere with the space to breathe the purest air and ample room to stroll the trackless, powder-soft sands of breathtaking beaches. A place for the senses to feast on the endless delight of fresh experiences.

Revered as the site of the Garden of Eden, Seychelles has truly been blessed by creation.  Against the backdrop of its unique island beauty, it is a place where harmony, tranquillity and Nature at its very best will conspire to leave you with the memories of a lifetime.