A new type of fast-acting CBD oil is becoming the ‘must-pack’ health essential for Brits as they jet off on holiday this summer.

Developed by pharmaceutical experts, DR CBD Rx is not only an effective treatment for aerophobia (fear of flying) and anxiety at airports, it can reduce travel sickness and is being used as a hangover cure – stopping headaches, nausea and the dreaded ‘hangxiety’ people often feel after a big night out.

Light and compact, DR CBD Rx can be easily popped into hand luggage as it falls safely under the 100ml liquid container restriction.

It also stops motion sickness and is ideal for long car journeys, offering the perfect solution for the 7 million plus Brits it’s thought will enjoy a staycation in the UK. With 2.5K searching for “travel sickness” and 5.6K looking up “travel sickness tablets” per month, it’s clear that a solution is in high demand.

22-year-old Louise Murray from Heaton Chapel, Stockport took CBD to help with her sleep and noticed that it unexpectedly cured the motion sickness she has suffered with for years:

“I always get travel sick on car journeys – I feel weak and sick if I even look at my phone, so I usually just leave it in my bag. I’d been taking DR CBD Rx oil for sleep, but I realised on a recent trip that I’d been on my phone for a whole hour and didn’t feel sick at all. I’ve taken it on every journey since and had no problems at all!”

Rob Wiper, a retired businessman from Adlington, Cheshire, has also praised the healing effects of CBD oil after it became the answer to a lifetime’s fear of flying.

During a career spanning four decades, the former CEO took running multi-million-pound turnover companies in his stride, but his phobia of flying led to terrible attacks of anxiety at airports across the world.

Rob said: “The effects were more or less instant,” explained Rob. “Straight away I felt less agitated and more relaxed. And within just a few weeks I was able to take a four-hour fight to Gran Canaria with absolutely no problem at all. It 100 per cent works!”

Top Chapman is the 82-year-old pharmaceutical fellow responsible for creating DR CBD Rx, he said: “People often take numerous medicines away with them for issues they may experience while travelling, but CBD oil is a real all-rounder. It works in a number of ways to not only ease aches, pains and nausea but anxieties and mental health issues too – be they about flying or being away from home.”

Visit the DR CBD Rx website for fully comprehensive advice on travelling with CBD oil:

DR CBD Rx is:

  • Pharmaceutically formulated by a UK registered BPA professional.
  • A broad-spectrum CBD distillate containing 0% THC.
  • Compliant with all recent Home Office guidelines for CBD products and labelling.
  • Guaranteed to offer safe, controlled and accurate dosing.
  • The first CBD oil product to use a unique Cloud Spray technology to give a fine mist of drops, not a stream of oil, to guarantee 100% fast-acting absorption under the tongue.
  • Easy to use on-the-go.

Available in three great tasting flavours and strengths. Prices for all three flavours – citrus, mint and wild berry – are:

  • 500mg 5% strength dosage – £35.99.
  • 1000mg 10% strength dosage – £69.99.
  • 2500mg 25% strength dosage – £139.99.

DR CBD Rx can be purchased at

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