The UK’s First Selfie Funhouse Opens Next Month In Brighton

The UK’s First Selfie Funhouse Opens Next Month In Brighton

Would you pay to get the perfect Instagram photo?

A quirky interactive pop-up experience designed for selfie taking is opening its doors to Instagrammers across the UK next month in Brighton. The exhibit features 10+ unique photo friendly environments for visitors to enhance their social media profiles and features a giant ball pit room, doughnut wall, confetti cove & more.

Visitors enter the unusual exhibit to explore the variety of specifically engineered environments and backdrops for an entire hour, filling up their camera roll with pictures of themselves and friends until they run out of poses or time expires. Whilst some rooms have absolute themes such as the turf or pink room, others feature a mish mash of settings and props for selfie-snappers to get imaginative and create their own masterpiece.

Inspired by a recent trip to Los Angeles, the trio of 25-year-old friends behind the experience are looking to bring the new concept which is extremely popular in the USA, over the Atlantic for the first time.

Director, Will Bower said “We’re now part of the ‘selfie-generation’; people are sharing more and more photos of themselves and sometimes go to great lengths to capture the perfect snap. Our goal is to create an environment where anyone can come in, have a load of fun and leave with some really cool pictures they can show their friends.”

With Instagram growing at an exceptionally rapid rate and being incredibly popular amongst teens and young adults, the team are hoping that visitors will travel from across the UK to collect the highly visual ammunition necessary to get the huge likes on their latest upload.

The pop-up experience, called Selfie Factory, opens at the Phoenix Centre in Brighton on the 23rd of August for just one week and tickets can be purchased here.