The world first ever make-up printer is here

The world first ever make-up printer is here

A recent announcement on Diary Directory detailed the pending launch of what seems to be the world’s first ever make-up printer. Something we could have only dreamed of.

The Contour 8000 claims to be a precision engineered device that will give you flawless make-up in just 30 seconds, just think about how much time that could save you in the mornings, not to mention how many more times you could hit the snooze button.

Designed by CEO Catherine Gardner and brought to life by Chief Engineer Orson Mack, the Contour 8000 uses electrostatic spray disposition combined with biometric data, both of which guarantee a meticulous finish that is accurate to within 1000th of a millimetre.

Contour 8000 CEO Catherine Gardner said: “It’s actually quite boring putting on make-up and I wanted to find a way in which you could save time. It can take up to half an hour to put your make-up on and get the contouring right, the Contour 8000 does that in 30 seconds.” 

We spend large amounts of time applying make-up, making sure our winged liner is both perfect and even, our contour is sharp, our eye shadow is blended and our highlighter is brighter than the sun, when in-fact we could be utilising that time much more effectively. The Contour 8000 is set to completely revolutionise the way we apply make-up, as well as drastically cutting the time it takes to do so, allowing us to make better use of our time.

You have the option of an array of different looks, so whether you are going for an everyday look, bridal, full glam or a golden glowy look, the Contour 8000 has got you covered. All of the available make-up looks are both viewed and selected via the accompanying app, once you have found the look you want, all you have to do is select it and let the Contour 8000 work its magic.

Each of the different looks come pre-packed in easy to fit cartridges, that allow for up to 10 applications. Inside the cartridges the make-up is housed, all of which are powder based, this includes foundation, contour, highlighter, eyeshadow and brow powder. You may notice that lipstick and mascara are not included, which the Contour 8000 isn’t yet able to apply due to their heavier consistencies.

As exciting as this product sounds, the launch could make some huge changes to the beauty industry. Not only could it lead to a loss of demand for make-up artists, but beauty brands are likely to see a drop in sales due to one cartridge containing all the products we need.

A release date hasn’t yet been set for the Contour 8000, but we will be eagerly awaiting its announcement.