The world’s first and only mixers created to complement specific spirits

The world’s first and only mixers created to complement specific spirits

Tired of your tried and tested G&T and looking for bar quality cocktails to enjoy this summer?  Sekforde is here to mix things up this summer with four bespoke botanical mixers uniquely crafted to pair with your favourite spirits.

No matter your tipple of choice, Sekforde’s four mixers are designed to unlock the flavours of individual spirits, allowing you to produce bar quality drinks at home.

The range is made up of four delicious flavours: Sicilian orange, rosemary & gentian designed to complement Whisky or Bourbon, Aromatic lime, cacao & mint to pair with Light or Spiced Rum, Raspberry, rose & sage for Gin or Vodka and Prickly pear, fig & cardamom for your Tequila or Mezcal. So, if you’re looking for new and exciting ways to enjoy your drinks this summer, whether it be on the terrace or in the park, try mixing it up with one of these flavours for a refreshing mouth-watering tipple.

Each mixer is 100% natural, and low in sugar with each 200ml serve packing in at under 36 calories.


Sekforde for Tequila or Mezcal – Prickly pear, fig and cardamom, Sekforde for Tequila or Mezcal enhances the flavour of agave spirits with the gentle honeyed sweetness of prickly pear and fig finishing on a slightly spicy chocolate note. Serve in a highball or copa glass with ice and sliced rounds of fresh fig or pear.

Sekforde for Whisky or Bourbon – Sicilian orange, rosemary and gentian 

Sekforde for Whisky leads with a sweet orange flavour and hint of rosemary, set off by a combination of dry bitters. Sekforde for Whisky is incredibly versatile – it makes a perfect drink with most bourbons and blended scotches. Serve in a tumbler or copa glass with ice and a twist of orange peel and, if liked, a sprig of rosemary.

Sekforde for Light or Spiced Rum – Aromatic lime, cacao and mint

Sekforde for Rum enhances the true character of the spirit. Fresh, zesty lime is a classic partner for rum, crafted with a unique blend of rose and aromatic herbs, bittersweet Ecuadorian cacao and a touch of mint. Light and aperitivo-like on its own, this combination makes a light, sophisticated highball with a light or spiced rum.

Sekforde for Gin or Vodka – Raspberry, rose and sage

To counterbalance the piney depth of the juniper in gin, this mixer offers soft sweetness from rose and raspberry extracts. These flavours offer an evocatively summery characteristic, also light and fresh enough to add refreshment to vodka’s crystalline purity. Serve over ice, with a twist of grapefruit and a rosemary or sage sprig or a handful of fresh raspberries if you fancy.

Recommended brands: Portobello Road, Beefeater, Tanqueray, Sacred, Chase, Hendrick’s.

Sekforde’s unique and award-winning mixers are priced at £1.00 – £1.50 200ml and £1.95 500ml and are available to purchase online at, and

Sekforde is also stocked in over 100 retail outlets across the UK including Waitrose, Harvey Nichols, The Whisky Exchange and Fortnum & Mason, and is available in some of the UK’s most recognised bars, including Black Rock, Trailer Happiness, Blue Bar at The Berkeley Hotel and The Blind Pig.

Sekforde is the world’s first and only mixers created to complement specific spirits and was founded in 2017 by Talula White from her kitchen on Sekforde Street in London.