The world’s oldest operating aquarium celebrates its 150th birthday with discounted entry!

The world’s oldest operating aquarium celebrates its 150th birthday with discounted entry!

SEA LIFE Brighton, the world’s oldest operating aquarium, is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, with the attraction being formally opened to the public by Brighton’s mayor Cordy Burrows on 10th August 1872.

To celebrate the site’s 150th anniversary, SEA LIFE Brighton will be offering historical talks throughout the day on Wednesday 10th August and offering tickets to the attraction for just £18.72, paying homage to the year the centre first opened its doors to the public.

The attraction will also recreate the mayor being present at the aquarium on the same date, just as they were 150 years ago, with the Brighton & Hove’s current and newly elected mayor Lizzie Deane.

Since operating as a SEA LIFE centre, the 150-year-old building has received an investment of over £10 million in the last 20 years, to ensure the historical architectural building remains intact and prominent within Brighton’s community.

The aquarium was originally imagined and invented by Eugenius Birch, the famous pier engineer and designer of Brighton’s West Pier. The iconic Italianate building cost £133,000 and extended for 700 feet along the base of the city’s clifftop, with a large entrance hall that led into the main corridor of the aquarium, which was a staggering 224 feet long and lined with large tanks.

Neil Harris, SEA LIFE Brighton’s General Manager said: “Here at SEA LIFE Brighton, we’re proud and honoured to hold the title of the world’s oldest operating aquarium. With this being our 150th anniversary, we wanted to celebrate this iconic milestone and showcase the amazing history behind our attraction.

“We can’t wait to welcome locals and tourists into our site on our official anniversary this Wednesday, so they can enjoy discounted tickets and delve into history that spans over 150 years.”

To be involved in SEA LIFE Brighton’s 150th anniversary celebration, book a visit to the world’s oldest operating aquarium here: