If you’re looking for a delicious, healthier and affordable artisan bread then you’re in for a treat with the launch of NEW Jason’s Bread. Jason’s unique crafted sourdough Ciabattin has all the qualities of an artisan loaf found in a bakery, but its unique baking process means it can become your new everyday sliced bread. Toasted or untoasted with lashings of butter or not, one bite will have you reaching for more. Wrapped in a glassine paper reminiscent of proper bakery bread, there really is nothing quite like it.

Jason’s Bread is the perfect mix of 120-year heritage and modernity created by a fourth-generation baker eager to share his love and passion for bread. Jason Geary, the master baker at Geary’s bakery, has lovingly crafted this unique sourdough ‘Ciabattin’ sliced loaf for people to experience the wonderful taste of quality ‘proper’ bread with pure and wholesome ingredients. Whether it’s a slice or two for breakfast, an after-work snack to keep you going through to dinner, Sunday brunch with a friend or a picnic spread component, Jason’s is the go-to for all occasions.

The Ciabattin gets its name from crafting a sourdough with a classic ciabatta, baking it in a tin and then slicing. Simple but brilliant, there you have it!

Available in three recipes from the Geary family bakery’s original award winning competition book where each recipe has been numbered:

No. 08 White Ciabattin: The classic. Nicknamed “crumpet bread” – it makes for perfect toast…but it’s versatile enough to work wonderfully for a sandwich or as a dunker for dips too!

No. 11 Grains & Seeds Ciabattin: An even healthier, yet still tasty alternative to the White Ciabattin. This seeded bread combines sunflower seeds, linseeds and spelt to make a versatile seeded loaf, ideal for sandwiches or avocado and poached egg on toast.

No. 10 Craft Beer Ciabattin: Water in the dough is replaced with Vixen Copper Ale – a local craft beer from Charnwood Brewery. The rich, hoppy taste goes remarkably well with artisan cheese.

Thanks to the small batch 24-hour slow fermentation process typical of sourdough bread, Jason’s is full of rich flavours and contains no added sugars, preservatives or additives, unlike a lot of bread on the shelves. It’s the perfect bread option for those looking to lead a healthier and more natural lifestyle but not looking to sacrifice good taste. It is also vegan friendly. The bag packaging is resealable, meaning it still tastes great after several days.

Jason’s Bread is available now in M&S stores nationwide, RRP £1.80.