Three Reasons You and Your Family Should Start Cycling

Three Reasons You and Your Family Should Start Cycling

Cycling is so much more than a mode of travel. It is a pastime for many in the UK, being an accessible and healthy way to see more of the world, whether via commute or leisurely bike ride. The health benefits of cycling are well-reported at this point, with cardiovascular health and physical fitness besides positively benefited by regular cycling. But the positives of cycling are by no means limited to the individual.

Indeed, cycling can be an engaging family activity, from quick and short-distance rides into or out of town to fully-fledged holiday tours on two wheels. Persuading the young ones as well as your spouse might seem a bridge too far, but the benefits very much outweigh the negatives. How, exactly?

Getting Your Kids On the Road

For one, the health benefits of cycling do not stop with adults – and can be much more transformative for younger people in certain ways. Instilling fitness as a virtue in your children can be difficult to do, particularly in an era of digital media and instant gratification. But folding the exercise up in a fun family activity like cycling can help ensure that your children are getting regular exercise and keeping on top of their health as a result.

The benefits of cycling are mental as well as physical. Cycling is a somewhat social activity; whether meeting others on the trail or simply spending more time together as a family, your kids could be getting much more from their lives in a social sense. Aerobic exercise has also been proven to reduce stress, and cycling can achieve just that. It can achieve it in several ways, too!

Getting Into Nature

For example, the simple act of getting out into the fresh air can be profoundly impactful for mental health. ‘Forest bathing’ has been adopted as an effective mindful practice, in part due to the bizarrely rejuvenating effects of forest air on the mind and body. In the same way, a cycling holiday could be positively impactful for the whole family.

In the physical sense, the body demands Vitamin D – which is primarily sourced via the sun’s rays interacting with the skin. Cycling is a phenomenal excuse to get that Vitamin D, both for you and your family. Being outside can also provide a lot of perspective, in the figurative sense as well as the literal sense.

Getting Together as a Family

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly of all, cycling is a fantastic way for you to bring your family together under the umbrella of one activity. There are a few reasons for families to spend time together today, between the demands of work and school and how new technologies can cater to individual interests. Eschewing the status quo for a diverting cycle together can ensure you spend quality time sharing in an activity, making your familial bond all the stronger.