Time To Get Lucky

Lucky Voice is more than just a karaoke bar as Anya Zervudachi found out during her visit to Brighton’s hidden gem

I have been living in Brighton for almost 15 years, and I have to admit that only this year did I discover my favourite haunt… Lucky Voice.

Had you told me a year ago that a Karaoke bar was my favourite place to take friends on a night out in Brighton, I am pretty sure I would have actually laughed in your face.

But let me tell you, I have been almost weekly for the last few months, whether it’s taking clients for a few 2 for 1 cocktails in the basement bar, large groups of friends for Birthdays or leaving do’s, or friends visiting from out of town, not a single person has yet been disappointed with the evening of fun Lucky Voice lays on.

We start our evening at a nearby restaurant, which always gets the juices flowing for a few after dinner cocktails. Far too few people (even Brightonians), know about the hidden gem that lies just below street level on Black Lion Street in the south lanes. Lucky Voice might be famous for its Karaoke, but just beneath your feet lays a truly fantastic Cocktail bar, offering all the classics along with a huge collection of house specials.

While the rest of the gang browse the 2 for1 list, I decide to go all out and treat myself to a Savage Garden, which is a delicious concoction of gin, cloudy apple juice, elderflower and apple juice, served short and strong in a martini glass (any more than two of these bad boys and you’re guaranteed to be the first person up on the mic getting the party going!)

The atmosphere downstairs is fab, there are good tunes to warm you up for later but it’s the perfect place to sit and enjoy a few drinks and chat – we all know that once you are in your pod there will be no chance of getting a word in edge ways with this collection of lugs!

We head upstairs after an hour or so in the bar and are shown to our pod. Despite being regulars we are shown how to work the equipment and provided a huge box of costumes, wigs and props for our evening of entertainment.

As ever, there is always one person (who shall remain nameless), that simply must sing EVERY single song over the top of everyone else, which Lucky Voice caters for only too well with their 2 microphones. Every Lucky Voice pod also comes complete with a ‘Thirsty’ button (re-named the ‘magic button’ by our gang) which you simply press once to have drinks ordered and delivered directly to you.

The members of staff at Lucky Voice are always particularly lovely, friendly and helpful, with a special mention of Jamie, who always looks after us exceptionally well. All in all I would happily recommend Lucky Voice to just about anyone who enjoys a few good drinks, fun times with good friends and a crack at impressing your friends with your vocal skills.