Tis The Season

He’s behind you! That’s right, the Panto Season is back and with it brings the sing along, cross dressing, slapstick that we all know and love.

With much pointing and laughing on the horizon, adults must try to enjoy the cheesy innuendo on offer as the principle boy’s battle to defeat the evil villain and chase his true love is intermittently curtailed by sing alongs for everyone.

So if you’re looking to get in the festive spirit this winter with a Dame or need your annul fix of hissing and booing then we have the round up of Sussex’s top pantomimes this season.



Are you excited to start performing Jack Frost’s Frozen Christmas?
Of course! It’s such a spectacular production with dancing polar bears, penguins and reindeers and a great story line which is basically good beating evil and includes everyone’s favourite Christmas songs – what’s not to be excited about! I can even predict it’ll snow every day at the Pavilion![/one_half]
Tell us about your role as Billy…
Billy has been at the North Pole with Santa ever since he was a baby. He’s now all grown-up and is Santa’s right hand man: he’s in charge of all the elves in the workshop, making sure toys are made in time for Santa to deliver around the world on Christmas Eve. He’s doesn’t know who his parents are but Santa’s PA, Hazel Knutt, has been a mother figure for him, he’s also got a crush on Candi Frost who works in Santa’s kitchen.

Who do you enjoy working with most on set?
We all rely on each other, from the technical crew and front of house staff, musicians and wardrobe, to get the show looking and sounding good, so I’d have to say I enjoy the team spirit of everyone coming together to bring the production to life.

What does the immediate future hold for yourself?
I am currently in rehearsals for a production we are taking out to tour in China, working with some amazing people and I’m really excited. Then its back home for a day at the end of November, before starting rehearsals in Worthing. This is only my second time being in a production at Christmas but last year was a blast so bring the family and come along to watch, it’s going to be a brilliant show.

Where and when will people be able to see Jack Frost’s Frozen Christmas?
At the Pavilion Theatre, Worthing from 12 December to 1 January


What do you enjoy most about acting in Panto?
The comradery, the interaction with the audience and being allowed to go well over the top!

How is working in a pantomime different to working on a normal show?
Well, it’s much more demanding actually! We’ll be doing two shows most days and three shows on four of the days…all starting at 11:00a.m.  I could be quite worn out by the end!

[one_half]Have you performed in Sussex before and what do you enjoy most about it?
I have performed quite a lot in Sussex over the years, mainly at Brighton’s Theatre Royal and during the Brighton Festival. More recently, I performed my own show, ‘War Baby’ in Shoreham for the Shoreham Wordfest. It’s always nice to work locally and be able to sleep in one’s own bed.

What can fans expect from the show?
I’m sure there’ll be lots of fun, excitement and laughter and, if I have anything to say about it, some glamour too!



Where and when will people be able to see Sleeping Beauty?
At The Ropetackle Theatre in Shoreham, from December 21st – 31st.


What do you most enjoy about appearing in pantomime?
I love performing in Panto, it’s always good fun for the whole family but as it’s obviously heavily aimed at the kids it can really be a magical first theatre experience for them and its great to be a part of that.

Who should be coming along to watch Aladdin?
Everyone! It’s a very traditional production of the show, with adventure, magic, heroes and villains. There’s something for everyone to enjoy and it’ll really get you in the mood of Christmas.

[one_half]What theatre role would you most love to play in the future?
There are lots of fantastic shows out there at the moment, many of which I still need to go and see for myself. I’d love to be in a brand new musical and create the role from the beginning that would be ideal.

What plans have you got for 2015?
It’s going to be another vey busy year, watch this space!

Where and when will people be able to see Aladdin?
Connaught Theatre, Worthing from 5th December to 4th January.[/one_half]



What do you enjoy most about acting in Panto?
The freedom you have. You don’t have to stick 100% to the script. You can interact with the audience. If they heckle you, you can answer them back! No two shows are the same. It keeps you on your toes, but we all love it.

What do you enjoy most about your role and what made you audition for it?
I love the fact that the fairy speaks in rhyme. (It makes line learning easier.) She gets to interact with the audience a lot; something I absolutely love doing.

I just thought she’d be a fun character to portray. And when Ron Common, (the director), asked if I wanted to wear Doc Martins instead of traditional fairy sparkle, I jumped at it. As you can see, I’ve gone punk, rainbow fairy. I love dressing up.

[one_half]How is working in a pantomime different to working on a normal show?
It’s soooo different. When working on a normal show, you pretty much have to stick to the script, word for word. In panto, that’s not quite the case. You can add things, change things, cut things. It’s a real creative process.

What can fans expect from the show?
They can expect the usual laughs. The same hammy jokes. Great songs they can sing along with. Great costumes. Amazing choreography. An all-round family fun show. (Except on the adult nights!!) LOL!



Where and when will people be able to see Dick Whittington?
At The Barn Theatre, Southwick, from January 3rd – 10th 2015.