‘Top 5 tips on how to be sustainable in 2020’

‘Top 5 tips on how to be sustainable in 2020’

Packaging-free health food store, The Source Bulk Foods, opened in Brighton on the 18th November at 142 Western Road. The Source Bulk Foods is a zero-waste shopping advocate, helping the UK to shop healthily. Targeted at foodies and eco-conscious shoppers looking to reduce waste in their daily lives, the store is set to revolutionise the way people shop for the better.

Makayla Drummond, Managing Director at The Source Bulk Foods shares her top tips on how you can be more sustainable in 2020:

Find an independent Fruit and Vegetable supplier or local farmers market that sells produce without plastic

Carry the top 3 single use plastic replacements on you every day – coffee cup, water bottle and cutlery

Shop at bulk food stores such as the Source Bulk Foods where you can bring in your own container

Buy clothes from charity stores, and hire clothes for special events rather than new. 

Consider moving to a plant based diet or reducing the number of meat dishes you have each week

With Brighton accounting for 242 million pieces of single use plastic used every year (a small percentage of the 59 billion nationwide*), The Source Bulk Foods offers customers a package free shopping experience in which they re-connect with their food as they scoop items into their own reusable containers from home, glass jars sold in store, or recyclable brown paper bags. Customers can even pull their own honey, buy Kombucha on tap and refill their laundry liquids, shampoos and cleaning products.  The Source Bulk Foods store will allow customers to buy what they need without any unnecessary packaging, including single use plastic.

For further information on The Source Bulk Foods please visit: https://thesourcebulkfoods.co.uk/