Top five off-shore cruise excursions 

Top five off-shore cruise excursions

The beauty of embarking on a cruise is that you get to experience multiple locations and cultures, all within the same holiday. Whether you’re travelling around the Med on an MSC cruise, soaking up the sun in the Caribbean or seeing the sights of Scandinavia, a cruise offers the opportunity to explore a variety of different attractions and activities, whatever your interests.

Data from Statista shows that the Caribbean, Bahamas and Bermuda remain the most popular cruise destinations, but, no matter where you travel to, setting sail opens up a whole world of potential experiences.

We’ll take a look at five types of excursions that you should consider for your next cruise:

Cultural immersion tours

If you’re a keen historian, then a cultural tour is a must. With so many interesting and ancient locations around the world, you’re sure to find the destination for you.

Europe has plenty of offerings when it comes to history with cities such as Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Athens and Venice providing some of the most culture-rich experiences on the continent.

Wildlife and nature excursions

Often reserved for specialist cruises, wildlife and nature experiences are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Many ships provide smaller vessels to allow passengers to get up close with rare species and incredible landscapes, and cover remote regions such as Antarctica, Galapagos Islands, Hebrides and Africa.

Culinary experiences and food tours

Many destinations are well-known for their fine cuisine and local delicacies so it’s well worth taking a culinary tour if you get the opportunity.

The Mediterranean is popular for exquisite seafood, rich cheeses and colourful salads while the Caribbean is home to a selection of home-created dishes including jerk chicken, stews and breadfruit.

Adventure pursuits

If it’s adventure and adrenaline you’re seeking, then you’ll find some thrilling locations to explore while on a cruise. Choose from cycling tours, water sports, trekking, climbing and horse riding, to name but a few.

If snorkelling or diving is your preferred activity, then a cruise offers some ideal opportunities to experience a plethora of marine life from the Maldives to Egypt and even South America.

Winery tours and tasting

If you’re taking a cruise to a destination renowned for its fine wines, then a vineyard tour is a must. Sail the Rhine and sample some of France’s best grapes or visit the Douro valley in Portugal.

If you’re travelling further afield then Argentina and Chile are both popular wine-producing countries with extensive vineyards.

Wherever you choose to travel on your next cruise, there are sure to be plenty of opportunities to take part in a choice of tours and activities regardless of your age and interests.