absolute top bears and lagers

Absolute Top International Beers and lagers

With spring fast approaching us, the days of sitting out in the sun with an ice cold beer don’t seem so much like a distant memory anymore. Picturing the sun beaming down on you in a green beer garden makes the last little bit of winter more bearable, with 6 beverages voted by the public, it’s time to push the boat out and go for something a little more adventures than the standard Stella.

Leffe blonde

leffe beers

In the 19th century, the Leffe brewery began brewing it’s beer in Belgium, After a reign of bad luck the doors closed and re-opened in the late 1800’s presenting it’s brand new beer, “Leffe Blonde”. Distinctively recognisable for it’s bottle blonde colour, it is a blend of pale malt, yeast and hops infused with cloves and Vanilla that give the beer sweet notes yet a bitter citrus orange after tastes.


duvel beersYet another Flemish Beer, a family owned company renowned for it’s beer having a high volume of 8.5%, the beer is made from barley malts. It was d“Duvel” (Belgium for devil) after a shoe maker in 1923 said he’d never had anything like it. Duvel is a popular choice due to it’s unusual smoothness and spice aromas and remains a popular choice in the western market even today.


hoe garden beersHoegaarden is a popular white beer from Belgium that you’ve probably seen in most supermarkets, but never took notice of; the company has been brewing for nearly 500 years and has a very unique way of creating their ales and beers. Unlike most breweries, the beverage is fermented twice and never filtered giving it a cloudy appearance. The original recipe was actually discovered by monks and contains curacao and hints of coriander.

Tiger Beer

Launched in 1932, Tiger Beer is sub-owned by Heineken and is brewed in Singapore using pale grains. With a medium content of 5%, the beer has been voted on more than one occasion as one of the world’s best beers. Best described as “clean and fresh” tasting; the ingredients don’t include any extras such as honey or vanilla, but is recognised for having a hop flavour finish.


Chang beer is a product of Thailand’s biggest beer manufacturer, the amber gold lager is made with specially selected rice, malt and hops with natural spring waters. Chang was awarded the gold medallion at the Australia international beer competition and since then has been referred to as the “gold medallion winner of Thailand”.

Castle Lager

A full flavoured Lager that takes a staggering 18 days in total to create, it’s a pale in colour and a mid-volume of 5%.It has been internationally awarded “ World’s best bottled lager” and is a staple beverage across South Africa.