Tørstigbar, Brighton’s first exclusively low and no alcohol bar 

Tørstigbar, Brighton’s first exclusively low and no alcohol bar

In the heart of Brighton’s Kemptown, you will find Tørstigbar, the city’s first exclusively low and no alcohol bar, working hard to change the perception of low alcohol drinks. Created by founders Luke and Emmi, Tørstigbar is a love letter to Copenhagen’s low and no culture, a space where their meticulously created no-alcohol serves are lavished with as much attention to detail as traditional cocktails.

The bar opened its doors in November 2022, it’s unique offering and speakeasy vibe made Tørstigbar – Tørstig meaning ‘thirsty’ in Danish – an immediate hit with Brighton Locals. The drinks list is split into cocktails; a regularly changing selection of 10 or so drinks made with the very best products from the low and no sector, mood-altering; drinks with ingredients known as adaptogens, chosen for their ability to recreate some of the reasons we drink alcohol; such as relaxation or sociability and then onto draught beers; specialist craft products of which there are over 100 stocked, and a wide selection of the best low-alcohol wines from around the world.

The cocktails have been carefully developed so even those used to drinking alcohol can recognise the flavour profiles to make the ordering process more streamlined. Some of the favourites that have developed over the last eight months include; ØRSØ -revolutionary dealcoholised Whiskey, alcohol free bitters and a hint of orange, AGERUP – comprising 0.5% tequila alternative and an alcohol free triple sec with lime and salt around the rim, and for something along the lines of a negroni there isTUMBOL –  0.5% Danish Gin, a dry Vermouth and a hibiscus based alcohol free spirit replacing Campari. Cocktails are priced at £7.5 or £8. Much of the excellent and proudly championed products used in these drinks are British made.

After being specially selected as a pilot venue, Torstigbar is one of the only places in the country to offer Guinness 0.0 on tap. There are three additional taps showcasing the best low and no alcohol products arounds. Currently being poured are Lucky Saint, a Mango Pale Ale by a local brewer Only With Love, and a New England IPA by Bristol brewer Low Tide.

The bar’s interiors are deliberately reminiscent of a sauna, bringing a little bit of Scandinavia to their corner of Kemptown, with wooden cladding, a calming colour palette and minimalist decor. Tørstigbar is not immediately obvious from the street outside, much of its success has come from word of mouth, becoming a staple for the sober and sober curious of Brighton.

Currently popping up in the kitchen are much-loved plant based pizza restaurant, Purezza, who are serving a small but perfectly formed menu of their favourites including Black Truffle 8″ – Black Truffle Base, Mozella, Shamembert, Trifolati Mushrooms, Parsley and All the Seasons 8″ – Tomato base, Mozella, Grilled Artichokes, Olives, Trifolati Mushrooms, Smoked Beetroot.