Touro Brazilian Steakhouse Review

Touro Brazilian Steak House Review

Last Friday I visited Touro Brazilian Steak House Brighton to try what has been described as traditional Brazilian cuisine, and I had absolutely no idea what to expect until I interviewed owner Alessandro Morelli  for a feature in our latest issue. However after talking to him about Touro, I knew that the food would be traditional, they don’t like to change anything about the way they prepare their food otherwise it’s “Just not the same”,  obviously I expected a lot of meat but aside from that, I’ve never tried or really looked into Brazilian food before.

On arrival I was greeted by J.c Horacio, who is the PR manager for the restaurant, we talked a little about the restaurant, about the parties and traditional festivals they hold ( See latest issue and below), and we also talked about the restaurant system. So for those of you who have also never been before, there is a really large buffet, not something that I’m normally that keen on, but the colour of the food was amazing and someone had painstakingly carved some of the veg into really vibrant flowers decorations, some of it almost looked too good to eat.

I was seated in the middle of the huge restaurant that can fit 200 people, and looking around, I don’t think you would immediately realise it was a south American restaurant, it’s contemporary looking with a window to the kitchen and a small stage for the festivals and cabaret nights. It’s in the smaller details that you’ll get the Brazilian party vibe, like the wall art work and the food decorations. You’ll also notice on your table top there is a small cylinder shaped thing that’s decorated on red yellow and green and when you have finished your buffet and you want to be served the meat, you stand it with the green side up and you will be served as many different meats possible until you turn it to the red side. Much easier than trying to get eye contact with a waiter across the room at most places!

For my meal I chose banana fritters, Brazilian cottage pie, traditional chicken salad (Salpicão- chicken, raisins, apples, parsley, onion, crème fraiche), mushroom estrogonofe, couscous and about 3 different variations of salads. Every part of it was fresh and colourful, and I absolutely loved the banana fritters but what I was really surprised about was how healthy Brazilian food is.

I was told by J.C that during the day they serve 8 different kinds of meats on the skewers, which is already a lot, but in the evening time there are 20 different varieties of meat to try! So I was already anticipating to try the traditionally prepared steaks, I was worried that it would be too much for me to eat  on an empty stomach let alone after the amount I had just eaten!

I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived out on the sword, small portions, you just have as much as you want so there’s no worry of biting of more than you can chew. I tried a beef steak, even though I asked for it well done it still cut like butter and was delicious and I also tried some small pork sausages, which were really little and dark pink, but had a strong flavour to them. If I wasn’t already so stuffed a probably would have had quite a few of those.  On the whole , for £20 I think they are really well priced and I would love to eat there again. Like they say, you don’t know until you try and I’m definitely glad I did.

Press Release

The traditional Brazilian BBQ serves different cuts of grilled meat, offering as much as one can eat: the waiters move around the restaurant with the skewers, slicing meat onto the client’s plate. This serving style is called Rodízio, and is quite popular in Brazil. Serving grilled meat, chicken, pork and prawns plus a selection of gourmet salad bar and hot dishes.
To enjoy the taste of Brazilian cuisine, a good drink should accompany you; and it’s a great opportunity to try our national cocktail Caipirinha made with cachaça (sugarcane hard liquor), sugar and lime. If not, we have plenty of options of cocktails, beers and wines that will make your BBQ even more pleasant.

Welcome to Touro and get ready for an unforgettable dining experience base on our passion for delivering outstanding, traditional Brazilian cuisine. Touro is the enhancement of a unique concept, strongly focused on an authentic Brazilian culinary tradition and hospitality.

We are delighted to present some events:
Monday & Tuesday – Open Mic (student 15% discount)
Thursdays – Sertanejo / Brazilian Country Music
Fridays – Piano Lounge
Saturdays – Live Music
Sundays – Samba BBQ
Every first Sunday of the month – SAMBUKA – The Brazilian BBQ Party
Every first Wednesday of the month – BBQ Cabaret Show (next one is on 11th May)

65-75 West St, Brighton BN1 2RA  Phone:01273 77

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