Travel in style: 4 ways to guarantee a luxury day break

Travel in style: 4 ways to guarantee a luxury day break

We all love to escape the daily routine, relaxing on a beautiful beach or beside the pool. Sadly, everyday commitments mean it’s often difficult to make time for a great escape – and all too easy for the summer to slip by without a luxurious getaway.

But, as the annual holiday declines in popularity, short breaks are replacing them. In fact, it’s possible to achieve the luxury treatment even in a single day trip.

Book in to a luxury spa hotel

When planning a day trip, booking a hotel room may be an unexpected addition to the agenda. But, if you want all the spills and frills of a luxury hotel stay, booking into a day use room can be a time and cost effective option.

DayBreak Hotels bring you hotel rooms for use throughout the day, so you can relax in a luxury room, access the spa and then sip champagne in a five-star restaurant. It’s proof that you don’t need heaps of time to receive the best pampering available.

Travel in style

Luxury day breaks are all about spoiling yourself and creating the luxury holiday feel in a single day. To set the right mood, you need to arrive in style. This means upgrading to first class. When you’re chasing luxury, spending hours on stuffy tube trains is forbidden. 

To arrive at your destination quickly and comfortably, choose taxis and travel in style. Hiring an executive chauffeur could be more affordable than you think, and it’s also possible to hire a helicopter, air balloon or even boat. If you’re searching for the ultimate treat, the only limit is your imagination.


Sample a taste of the high life

During luxury day breaks, dining in style is a must. Whether you choose to plan the day around the best Michelin-star restaurants, or simply finish off a great day with an even better meal, fine dining is an experience you simply must try.

Take a look at the Luxury Restaurant Guide to find first class cuisine in your chosen location, and give your taste buds the ultimate treat.


Experience high-end shopping

You don’t need to be a self-made tycoon to experience the retail high life. In London, a visit to Selfridges means you can browse high-end brands in the Wonder Room, or delve into the world’s largest denim department.

Luxury is all about how you experience a destination – opting for the finest quality on offer. From retail exhibitions to personal shopping, a little smart budgeting could bring the luxury experience within reach.

Booking travel and accommodation well in advance can help you to keep control of cost, as can great package deals – like all-inclusive day use hotels. Another cost cutting method is to limit the time you spend – you may find a single day of indulgence is more affordable than an extended budget holiday. This means you can add all the frills for a fraction of the cost.