twinkle twinkle shop front

Twinkle Twinkle

Over the past few years since I moved to the country side from surrey, one of things that I really had noticed was the lack of shops. Not just shops general but I also noticed there isn’t a lot of nice boutique shops around that actually sell things people want to wear. It’s something that I’ve started to get increasingly envious of my cousins in Milan and in fact just my family in Surrey. It’s something we seriously seem to lack around these rural areas.

Just a few days after mother’s day I visited Lewes for the first time, and the first shop that caught my attention as I walked past was Twinkle Twinkle. I loved everything in the window display, which surprised me a lot. Normally I find the garments in a lot of boutiques very twee.

After closer inspection of the clothes, I did notice that I hadn’t heard of any of the brands, which definitely wasn’t a bad thing. What else I loved about the shop is that a lot of the things inside were unusual; you wouldn’t be able to find them in many other shops, so not much chance of having an awkward bump in with someone wearing the same outfit as you!

Finally I’ve found a hidden gem boutique whose stock I really love and for those of you who can’t travel to Lewes, the shop is now also online too!

Boutique to you, I’m certain that a lot of my wages will be going towards them from now on..

Take a look for yourselves…
37 High St, Lewes BN7 2LU