The Ultimate 5km Run

Want To Be Part Of The Ultimate 5km Run?

UK Running Events is on a mission to get more people to  ”get out and run” and have come up with
a series of ultimate 5km running events to encourage people to do just that! The new series
will feature gigantic inflatable obstacles being placed around a 5km course. The obstacles are
some of the largest, most over the top and funny obstacles around . Participants are invited to jump, bounce and sprint through the course.

Obstacles such as ‘oh Balls!’ will have participants bouncing over 4 gigantic inflatable balls as seen on tv gameshows.
Despite their massive size, the events are suitable for participants of all athletic shapes
and families, and children are welcomed to take part. There are group and family
discounts available at all the events.

Special themed versions of the inflatable 5km Runs include a Zombie apocalypse, by dodging and evading the undead, between obstacles. Halloween and the Christmas period will also include spectacular fancy dress events around the obstacle course.

Each event is well known iconic venues and are expected to attract between 3000 to 5000 participants.

The full line up of events include:

Inflatable 5km Run – London – 24th Sept 2016
Halloween Special -Inflatable 5km Run – 29th Oct 2016
Zombie Survival Run – Newbury – 30th Oct 2016
Santa Inflatable 5km Run – Brighton – 26th Nov 2016
Santa Inflatable 5km Run – Ipswich – 3rd Dec 2016