Valuable squad, but will they form a team? Reasons why the Three Lions will win the title!

Valuable squad, but will they form a team? Reasons why the Three Lions will win the title!

In a few weeks, the 2022 FIFA World Cup will kick off on the Arabian Peninsula in Qatar. In addition to the big favourites from Brazil and France, the English national team in particular is considered to have a good chance of winning the coveted World Cup title.

The development of the last few years gives the motherland of football hope for the biggest event of the international football world. The reasons for the impressive development of the Three Lions are complex. It is worth taking a closer look!

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Despite great competition: the English national team in World Cup fever
When people talk about the favourites for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, they mainly mention the record world champions Brazil and the defending champions France. But the English national team has also earned a reputation in the world of football. Long forgotten are the sometimes disastrous performances at major tournaments of the past decades.

Instead, there is great respect for the Three Lions. The team has arrived at the top of world football and is in the process of establishing itself. Only the big title is missing so far. However, there are plenty of reasons to believe that this will change at the upcoming World Cup:

We have most valuable squad in the World Cup
With a market value beyond the billion mark, the English national team has the most expensive squad of all participating nations. The squad of the fifth-placed team in the FIFA world rankings is full of superstars. First and foremost, of course, is goal scorer and captain Harry Kane. But there are also many other big names in the Three Lions’ line-up.

Whether shooting star Phil Foden or 118 million boy Jack Grealish from Manchester City, the experienced Raheem Sterling from Chelsea London or the speedy super talent Bukayo Saka from Arsenal London – the English national coach is spoilt for choice in the attack. Each of these players has already proven in his career that he can also decide games single-handedly in an emergency.

But the England squad is also bursting with quality in the other parts of the team. In central midfield, Declan Rice from West Ham, Jude Bellingham from Borussia Dortmund, Kalvin Phillips from English champions Manchester City and Jordan Henderson from Liverpool FC are all fighting for coveted playing time. Dortmund’s Bellingham in particular could celebrate his final breakthrough in international football at the upcoming World Cup. English fans have high hopes for him. He is regarded as one of the upcoming stars of the Three Lions.

The promising development into a tournament team
In the past, the English national team was often called the biggest disappointment of a World Cup. In recent years, the tide has turned. Thanks to a progressive development, captain Harry Kane’s team has stabilised and can also perform at major tournaments.

This development began at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Here, the Three Lions showed attractive attacking football and thrilled the international football world. In the end, the English team was able to reach the semi-finals. Here, the motherland of football as a competitive sport lost to the strong Croatian national team. In the “match for third place” England then lost to the Belgians. Nevertheless, a great spirit of optimism could be felt even then.

This was extended at the 2021 European Championship. Here, Kane, Sterling and Co. even made it to the final. As is well known, the final was lost in dramatic fashion at home. In the end, the Three Lions had to admit defeat to the strong Italians. All in all, however, the image of the English national team has changed. For a long time, the English were known for failing at major tournaments. In the meantime, one can speak of a real tournament team. A promising development. The crowning glory, however, is missing a major title.

A successful mix of experience and youthful freshness
The English team is highly qualified in all positions. But quality alone is not enough. This is especially true in football. Much depends on team cohesion and the right mix of experienced and young players. With the Three Lions, the mix seems to fit.

In every part of the team there are experienced leaders and highly talented players. There is a framework of leaders throughout the team. Starting in defence with Harry Maguire. The Manchester United centre-back is known for his resolute tackling. Moreover, at 29 years of age, he can coach his teammates.

Jordan Henderson plays in front of him. The captain of Champions League finalists Liverpool FC has already experienced many years of professional football. The many young players can also take an example from him. Whether it’s Jude Bellingham or Declan Rice, who is also still young, experienced players like Henderson can take the pressure off the young talents.

And captain Harry Kane is waiting in the wings. The 29-year-old goal scorer’s presence alone is a great help to all his team-mates on the field. The opposing defences concentrate on the 1.88 metre tall centre forward. This creates important spaces for all the other offensive players to play in. In addition, Kane is known for his ambition. A character trait that he can transfer to his team-mates.

With a little luck we could lift the first World Cup title since 1966
A look at the first opponents at the upcoming World Cup also gives hope. In the draw for the groups, the English were assigned the USA, Iran and neighbouring Wales. A relatively easy task for the Three Lions.

This gives the English national team an attractive chance to win the group and thus put themselves in an ideal position for the knockout phase. Only here would the other top favourites for the World Cup title be waiting. With the accumulated self-confidence from the group phase, the games against top-class opponents like Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Germany or France would be much easier.

Moreover, a successful start to the World Cup would unleash a new wave of euphoria. The Three Lions could once again hope for the magnificent support of their own fans. A great trump card in the fight for the coveted World Cup title.