Viola set to be Brighton’s most popular bloom this spring Spring it on with Dobbies!

Viola set to be Brighton’s most popular bloom this spring Spring it on with Dobbies!

With spring well and truly here and the gardening season in full swing, research from the UK’s leading garden centre retailer, Dobbies, has found that a massive 77% of Brighton residents are looking forward to doing more gardening this spring.

The research, from Independent Media News, looked into this year’s gardening trends, attitudes towards gardening, garden centres themselves and some of the misconceptions about the UK’s favourite pastime.

Dobbies’ Brighton store has had a great start to the season and looking at customer trends from last year and this year to-date, General Manager, Jason Cowell, predicts Viola will be the most popular plant for Brighton gardeners this spring.

Viola, the largest genus of the violet family, Violaceae is known for its vibrant purple flowers and adds instant colour to both borders and containers. Violas will thrive in full sun, making them ideal for Brighton gardens that are fortunate to experience longer days than most UK cities in spring.

Dobbies’ Horticultural Director, Marcus Eyles, encourages Brighton residents to Spring it on this year by sharing his top tips on Violas and why they are so popular in Brighton: “Violas are a great addition to any garden, as they work equally as well in borders as they do in containers, making them ideal for outdoor spaces of all sizes. However you choose to plant Violas, we recommend planting them in early spring to maximise their flowering potential and mulching well with peat-free compost to encourage strong growth and good moisture. Once planted, Viola care is minimal, just make sure to water it regularly if planting in containers. Violas are also edible, so give the flowers and leaves a go in the kitchen to elevate a hearty salad or decorate some sweet treats.”

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