Wahaca Seasonal, sustainable

Wahaca Seasonal, sustainable, and all set for the festive season. Wahaca’s tasty new menu additions and seasonal specials!

Regular readers will know that it is no secret how much we at Absolute Sussex Magazine love Wahaca, the UK’s most sustainable Mexican street-food eatery that has taken the country by storm since celebrity chef Thomasina Miers opened her first restaurant back in 2006, just a year after she shot to stardom winning BBC’s Masterchef program. On our most recent visit to Wahaca on North Street In Brighton, we had the pleasure of trying out some tasty new menu additions, including some items from their just launched festive seasonal sharing menu, and as always, it was an absolute treat for our taste buds.

We begun our festive feast with Smoky Sonoran Hummus, A delightful twist on a classic, made with roasted vegetables, chickpeas, guajillo and herbs, drizzled with chilli oil. The smoky flavours blended perfectly with the velvety creamy hummus, creating a dip that was both familiar and exciting, with a lovely subtle kick. It was a great start to the meal, adding a touch of Mexican flair to the table.

One of the highlights was the Ham Hock Tacos. The soft corn tortillas were generously filled with succulent Christmas spiced ham, accompanied by a perfect blend of slaw, crema, pink pickled onions, and crumbled crackling. The combination of flavours was heavenly, making every bite a delightful explosion of festive goodness.

The Roast Potato Esquites were a true indulgence. Crispy golden roasties served with charred corn, jalapeño allioli, creamy crema, and cheese created a harmonious symphony of flavours and textures. It was a dish that satisfied both our cravings for comfort food and our desire for something truly unique.
The Toasted Corn Bread was a revelation. As light and fluffy as a cloud and bursting with flavour, topped with whipped goat’s curd and a chipotle glaze, it delivered an exquisite balance of sweetness and spice.

The addition of tortilla brittle provided a satisfying crunch, enhancing the overall experience of this beautifully crafted dish. The grilled chorizo quesadilla was another stand-out. Made with Brindisa chorizo, caramelized red onions, and melted cheese, it was a savoury delight that showcased the rich flavours of Mexico. Each bite was a perfect combination of smoky, cheesy goodness.

For dessert, we were treated to the Spiced Roast Pineapple. Coated in cinnamon and served with creamy vanilla ice cream and a house-made coconut crumb, it was a sweet finale that left us wanting more. The warm, spiced pineapple paired beautifully with the coolness of the ice cream, creating a delightful contrast of flavours and textures.

As always our experience at Wahaca’s Mexican street food restaurant was nothing short of exceptional. All the dishes from the festive seasonal sharing menu and street food specials truly impressed us with their creativity and dedication to using sustainable ingredients. From the mouthwatering Ham Hock Tacos to the indulgent Roast Potato Esquites and the unforgettable Spiced Roast Pineapple, each dish was a testament to the culinary artistry and passion of the chefs.

The Festive Feast Menu at £35.00 per person is available throughout December where your table will be decked out with everything you need for a sensational sharing extravaganza! Build your own tacos with a stack of warm, corn tortillas all set to be filled with Golden Roast Cauliflower or Christmas Ham Hock – served with a magnificent Crispy Crackling Crown.  Festoon your tacos with a selection of Salsas and all the trimmings (frijoles, pink pickled onion, coriander, lime and red onion), and get stuck into some top-notch sides – Roasted Potato Esquites and a medley of Winter Veg that combines grilled broccoli with winter kale in a zingy lime and mojo de ajo dressing.

For the sweetest of festive finishes, the table will indulge in Churros and Sprinkles – crisp Mexican doughnuts dressed for the season with chocolate sauce, dulce de leche and coconut brittle. And round off your feast by raising a glass to shared celebrations with a choice of Gran Centenaro tequila or Cazcabel coffee tequila on the house. Feliz Navidad!

Tony Shattell

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