Washboard Abs

During the winter months most of us aren’t keen to stress about an inch of tummy fat hanging over our buckle. Winter coats, baggy jumpers and loose tracksuit bottoms allow us to avoid the worry without thought.

However, as spring moves into summer, that inch becomes less and less concealed as out coats become vests and our desire to hit the beach grows uncontainable.

For many, this means it is time to get to work on those washboard abs and, therefore, we caught up with LA Fitness General Manager, Scott Defty to find out how you can get perfect abs for the summer sun.

Are crunches and sit-ups the key to Perfect Abs?
The key is frequency and variety. Abdominals are a large and diverse muscle group and it’s important to exercise all parts of them through different exercises to achieve good results.

How often should people work out their abs?
Abs recover very quickly so they can be exercised frequently. Be sure not to overdo it, it’s good to have a rest day in between, sometimes more after a particularly intense session.

What are the biggest mistakes people makes when taking their workouts from the winter to the summer season?
The biggest mistake is decreasing the frequency of gym sessions! People have much  more to do in the summer and tend to start skipping their gym sessions as soon as the weather gets nicer,. We see a decrease in gym visits in the summer months each year. It’s important to keep going to the gym even when we don’t feel like it. And don’t forget, Gym’s are quieter in the summer months!

How does the right preparation contribute to a successful workout program?
Well planned workouts should progressively increase in difficulty as muscles get used to a certain intensity and reach a point of plateau if they are not challenged – so they stop  developing and toning. Your body will naturally always try to make any movement / exercise easier so variety really is key.

What foods should you eat and which should you avoid?
A part of creating good abs starts in the kitchen. Avoid carbohydrates like bread, pizza, and anything made of flour. Eats lots of salads as this will increase your fibre intake and help you get leaner quicker, which in turn will show off your developed abs.

How long does it take before I’ll see results?
Results can depend on a number of things, diet, training and don’t forget your own body type!. However if you follow a good diet and workout plan you should start to see the results within 8 – 12 weeks.

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