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The Nightclub Vibe

Descending down the stairs to this underground studio is similar to entering a nightclub. The studio where the classes take place is lit up with funky lighting and the music is pumping, so if exercising to high energy music is your thing then this is for you.

There are 45 classes to choose from at Boxercise Bootcamp and the best thing is they run throughout the whole day giving you plenty of opportunity to get down there and do your thing…no excuses that you missed the one available class!

The idea behind the all the workouts at the nightclub inspired studio, are to combine intense cardio with strength training to men and women of all ages and fitness levels. If you really want to hone your body alongside likeminded people there are workshops that you are encouraged to commit to such as the 21 Day Fat Furnace and Bikini Bootcamp.

Workouts here offer ‘Ripped and Stripped Xpress’ which is a 30 minute class using weights, so ideal for those with little time, ‘Bootylicious’ which as you can imagine works on that butt to create curves like Khloe Kardashsian (ok, maybe not as full on as that but you get the picture) and TRX Suspension, a class using body resistance with harnesses and bands that hang from the walls and ceiling. These and more alternative workouts are alongside the more commonly known classes such as Kettlebells and Boxercise. There is something at Boxercise Bootcamp to either contour, shape and burn fat and pretty much suit everyone. This is the place to come find classes that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Boxercise Bootcamp
12c Grand Avenue,
(Entrance below Sawyer & Co),
Hove, East Sussex, BN3 2FQ

01273 208355


When I mention Cheetah’s Gym to people I get a mixed response which is why I felt compelled to write about it. Cheetahs has been going since 1962. It is no flash in the pan gym and obviously well known. Initial reactions from many is that it is the gym for huge muscled meatheads, however I beg to differ!

It doesn’t look as high tech as a lot of gyms but it’s 12,500 sq feet of everything your body could need to get in to shape and the people that go here may have muscles (not all of them actually), but they are friendly and incredibly helpful when they spot someone that needs a bit of help. On top of that it is one of the only gyms that you can pay per visit, although incredibly reasonable membership is available.

cheetahs gymThe gym, which is divided onto four floors, has an advantage over other gyms and fitness clubs in that there is a separate training room for each muscle group, ie, chest training room, leg training room etc. Furthermore there is a separate ladies training gym on offer so that ladies can train in private if they wish as well as a brand new stretching room.

There is a 14ft boxing ring available for hire and there are a number of classes ranging from boxing for fitness to professional tuition. This place churns out quite a few professional boxers and competition winning bodybuilders.

Here there is always room in the huge cardiovascular training room, none of that waiting around to get on a running machine. There are over ten tonnes of free weights and over 100 single station machines on offer at Cheeta’s Gym. Some of the equipment may look a bit old but everything it well maintained and caters for areas that some of the more modern machines don’t.

It’s an affordable family run gym that offers real body results and after going here for a while you feel part of a very large fit family!

Cheetahs Gym, King Alfred Leisure Centre, Kingsway, Hove BN3 2WW
TEL: 01273 206644


The great thing about The Gym is it is affordable membership and above all open 24 hours 7 days a week, so you can work out at a time convenient for you. It’s pretty amazing that this concept has been around way before!

There are no receptionists here, (which keeps the cost down) and entrance is admitted with a log in number on a keypad. If a bit banter and hanging out with people in the reception area is part of your workout experience, then this gym isn’t for you, but if top of the range, shiny new equipment is for you, (70% of these being eco-friendly), then The Gym is a good spot.

Another unique difference with The Gym is the virtual indoor cycling Myride®.where you can immerse yourself in riding the world’s greatest cycle tracks, with the choice of terrain from canyons to mountainside to urban streetscapes. An on-screen instructor shows you how it’s done, and you can pick from a huge range of music to match your pace. Thankfully you can switch them off when you are drowning in sweat which I was and just be you and your bike. I can confirm that this is a fast and furious way to get fit quickly.

I often shy away from the word membership as I am a commitmentphobe when it comes to most things. This membership however doesn’t tie you in to a contract, so you can stop and start it whenever you want. It includes heaps of classes such as Tabataand the other bonus is, that if trips away take you to other parts of the country The Gym membership can be used at any of their gyms, and there are loads in the UK.

The Gym Brighton London Road

94 London Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 4JF

Tel: 0330 055 3728
The Gym Brighton Madeira Drive
Unit 9, The Terraces, Madeira Drive, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 1AY
Tel: 0844 384 3890


The Underground Gym is a name I often hear bandied about amongst my exercise fond friends. Sol, the founder and owner is keen on martial arts and has created an urban look gym of grey concrete walls and with top notch professional equipment and some surprising elements that you would expect to see in a mechanics yard or farm such as, tires, kegs, huge battle ropes, a farmers walk and a 20 meter astro turfed prowler run that you can find in the Functional Training space.

The Combat area consists of an 18ft inter-pro boxing ring, a range of punch bags (great for letting go of some pent up aggression!), and all the equipment for combat style classes. K1 Kickboxing and Submission Wrestling classes are held on the wall-to-wall matted area. The coaches all compete internationally so you are in the best of hands and they encourage beginners to give it a try.

The gym is equipped with the latest star trac equipment including a large plate loaded section, olympic lifting platforms, dumbbells to 62.5kg, 20+ benches, 5 squat rack variants, and heaps of cardio machines including 3 stair masters.

I tried a class here and let me tell you their HIT style high intensity class is not for the faint hearted. This class and the majority of classes here is hard work, (in a really good way) and I left red faced, drenched in sweat and aching. You can feel the burn everywhere!

On the weekend of the 20th February, Underground Gym are opening its doors for The Rocking Horse appeal charity. It is sponsored by Juice FM, so there will be plenty of fun, frolics and music. There will be additional classes and the trainers there will be setting challenges throughout the day in the gym area for people to get involved with. To ease your aching body The Physio rooms will be offering free physiotherapy drop ins.

So get your gym gear on, join in with the raffle (all the money goes to The Rocking Horse Appeal) and go along to this fun filled day and get fit whilst doing a good deed!

Underground Gym, 8 Camden St, Portslade, BN41 1AW, United Kingdom
07415161492/ 01273 258740
07415161492/ 01273 258740


Virgin Active is the place that has it all. Not only is the gym equipped with all the modern machinery you could need, it is light bright and very spacious. There is a huge amount of cardio equipment available alongside a good selection of resistance machines and a handy free weight area.

The gym also has innovative, multi-functional fitness equipment. Bulgarian Bags, TRX Rip Trainers, Battle Ropes, TiYR and Plyo Boxes combine to make up ‘Fitness 5’, the ultimate full body workout that promises to transform full body conditioning, strength, flexibility and overall fitness endurance. They can be used independently or within a class as part of circuit training and when used together can burn up to 750 calories an hour.

I tried the Plyo Box which is a soft foam cushioned box that you climb on and off, or jump if you have the stamina. Yes, difficult to explain but all I can say is that not only do you feel like a kid again when doing this, it really wakens up your legs and core in one double whammy!

There are 80 different classes a week to choose from but what makes Virgin Active so fabulous is the indoor and outdoor racket courts, I am tempted to take up tennis, the 25 metre indoor pool and the heated outdoor pool, (this alone would have me hooked, as when it comes to summer and you don’t fancy the sea, there isn’t a lot to choice in pools in our city).

Virgin Active wins hands down for the possibility of keeping fit indoors and out!
Virgin Active Brighton, Village Way, Falmer, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 9SG

TEL: 01273 667800