What Are the Most Popular e-Liquid Flavours in the UK?

What Are the Most Popular e-Liquid Flavours in the UK?

Vaping has become extremely popular in recent years, helping thousands of people to quit smoking. There are a lot of benefits of switching to using an e-cig and one of them is the sheer number of e-liquid flavours you can use.

A recent study has revealed certain flavours are preferred in different parts of the UK. Here, we’ll look at some of the most popular flavours preferred by Brits and how you can enhance your flavour experience.

Which flavours come out on top?

When mapping out the favourite e-liquid flavours from across the country, there were some pretty big surprises! With literally hundreds of flavours on the market, you’d expect a few unusual ones to crop up along the way. However, it seems us Brits are more partial to the unusual tastes than you’d expect!

So, what type of unusual flavours came out on top? Well, in the east of the country, vapers chose chicken nuggets as their favourite flavour. While they’re no doubt a tasty, if not naughty, food, an e-liquid dedicated to chicken nuggets is a little bizarre, but apparently very tasty in the east! Other unique flavours revealed on the list were roast dinner, fish and chips, bacon and chicken tikka masala.

Of course, there were a few more understandable choices revealed, with the West Midlands preferring Mojito flavour liquids, and those in Scotland and Wales preferring apple crumble flavour. Meanwhile, in Ireland, Prosecco came out on top.

How to enhance your flavour experience

Whichever flavour e-liquid is your favourite, whether lemon and lime crystal bar or something else, did you know there are ways to enhance the flavour? Firstly, making sure you have a high-quality e-cigarette from a company such as VIP is crucial. You’ll also want to make sure the e-liquid you purchase is manufactured by a well-known brand. Once you’ve ensured the quality of the liquids are good, it’s time to focus on how you use them.

You’ll want to make sure you clean the e-cig frequently. If you don’t clean out the area where the liquid is stored, you’ll end up with remnants of older liquid which won’t taste as nice as it used to. You’ll also want to avoid using the e-cigarette while you’re eating. This is because the tastes of different foods can interfere with the taste of the liquid.

So, there you have it – some of the most popular flavours of e-liquids in the UK. Some were unexpected, but why not give them a try? Remember to follow the tips to enhance your flavour experience too. Did your favourite flavour make the list? Share your favourite flavour in the comments below.