What is airsoft and who is it for?

What is airsoft and who is it for?

If you are looking for ways to productively use your free time, and burn some calories while you’re at it, we have a great solution for you – airsoft! It is a sport that involves not only physical activity but also requires tactical and shooting skills. Airsoft is also a team based game where the support and coordination of your teammates is key in order to defeat the opposing team. History buffs and military enthusiasts will find it exhilarating. Surely at this point you started to wonder what is this airsoft all about, allow us to explain!

The basics of airsoft

Airsoft is a sport in which we utilize weapon replicas, so-called Air Soft Guns, or ASG in short. These are very accurate reproductions of various models of firearms (1:1 ratio). Using them is completely safe and does not require any permits. Airsoft guns look like real firearms, but they are vastly different in construction. They use plastic or biodegradable 6 mm BB’s as ammunition.

In airsoft, shooting skills are important since it’s not only about shooting at stationary targets, although you can focus solely on this activity. Airsoft is primarily about skirmishing against the opposing team, in which you have to use your abilities to precisely predict your enemies movements, as well as strategically plan out your own teams assault. You can take part in various types of airsoft shooting activities. They are mostly organized in forests and also in abandoned buildings. Some games can take a few hours, others can last a whole weekend. Skirmishes can be based on made-up scenarios, but you can also take part in games inspired by real historical battles.

What do you need to start your airsoft adventure?
If you would like give airsoft a shot and see for yourself what it is all about in practice, at the very least you will need an airsoft gun and special protective glasses/goggles to protect your eyes. You can buy all this in the Gunfire online store. Airsoft guns can be very diverse. They can be either simple or elaborate in terms of their construction. Beginner players can opt for one of the more affordable models such as airsoft rifle, and use them to practice shooting at a stationary target.

Of course, you also need an opponent to fights against. You will find other airsoft players on internet forums and on social media. There, airsoft players arrange local games, so you can easily scout for players from your area. In larger cities, there are also companies specializing in organizing airsoft games. Usually, you can rent the necessary equipment from them, so it is a good way to check what airsoft is all about at a low cost. You can visit such a place with your friends, or join one of the teams created by the organizers, and even go through your very first airsoft training. We encourage you to try your hand at this exciting and challenging sport.