What Makes Wimbledon Different From Other Grand Slams

What Makes Wimbledon Different From Other Grand Slams

If you are a tennis enthusiast, you must be at Wimbledon at least once in your lifetime. But remember not to commit to attending it only once because you will probably want to return year after year, no matter what it takes. After all, Wimbledon deserves to be called the grandest of all Grand Slams. It is a cut above the rest, not because of the hype but for valid reasons. Think beyond the best players, longest matches, incredible atmosphere, and biggest prize money to know what makes Wimbledon different from other grand slams. Here are the facts every tennis loves must know about.

Immense respect

According to a survey conducted by the French magazine Tennis in the late nineties, the top 108 professional players named Wimbledon the most prestigious Grand Slam tournament. Legendary tennis stars like Martina Navratilova, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic have cast the tournament as the best of all. The immense respect from the pros is enough to inspire fans to worship the tournament.


The All England Club that organizes the tournament is among the most exclusive clubs with only about 500 members. It is the only private entity hosting a Grand Slam. The other three Grand Slams are hosted by the respective national tennis associations. Another factor making the tournament exclusive is the presence of the Royal Family to cheer their favorites on the court. The audience can see them in the Royal Box while witnessing the top players in action.


Wimbledon has a clear edge over the other three Grand Slams when it comes to popularity. Every year, spectators from the UK and overseas travel to London only to witness the grand celebrations at Wimbledon. Expect this year to be bigger after the pandemic restrictions are lifted. If you want to Purchase tickets to Wimbledon 2022, buying debentures is the best option. It lets you buy the easy way without waiting in the queues only to know that the tickets are sold out.


Formality is another factor that sets Wimbledon apart. You will not see color on the courts as even the most flamboyant stars obey the dress code and step out in all-white attire. Moreover, they aren’t allowed to flaunt brand logos here because the event is strictly formal. Although the spectators need not follow a dress code, they prefer to dress smart casual for the event.


Wimbledon is undeniably about legacy as it is the oldest of all Grand Slams. Moreover, it is the only one played on the grass court, making it an exciting event for players and viewers alike. The tournament has hosted some of the greatest matches in the history of tennis. If you are a true tennis lover, you will probably know about the legendary 1980 match between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe. The 2008 showdown between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal was the longest finale in the tournament’s history.

Truly, Wimbledon is different from the other Grand Slams, and it is also the greatest. If you haven’t been there yet, put it on top of your wish list right now.