What makes your car tyres powerful?

What makes your car tyres powerful?

A lot of us may have wondered about what makes up a tyre and what keeps it roadworthy throughout all the years of driving. Your car tyre is the only part in the entire vehicle that stays in contact with the road. Therefore, tyres have been designed in such a way that they strike a balance between traction, safety, comfort and fuel efficiency. Continue reading to know more tyre material and its impact on tyre quality:

1.     Tyre Material

  • All the below-mentioned components play their unique role in making the tyre safe and roadworthy:
  • Natural Rubber: The main component of tyre tread layers
  • Synthetic Rubber: Part of tyre tread.
  • Carbon Black: Used to improve tyres’ durability.
  • Metallic and Textile Reinforcement Cables: Forms the skeleton of the tyre. Gives tyres its rigidity.
  • Other Chemical Agents: A list of other chemicals may be used for purposes like rolling resistance or improved grip

2.     Tyre Design

Tyre design also happens to have a great impact on tyre’s superior performance. Tyre tread design plays an important role in tyre’s grip in different types of weather conditions affecting driver’s safety and comfort. Therefore, companies nowadays offer variety of tyres including winter tyres, summer tyres and all-season tyres etc because of the way their tread pattern has been designed for different weather and road conditions.

3.     Tyre Maintenance

Apart from tyre material and tyre design, another important practice that keeps the tyre powerful and roadworthy is tyre maintenance. Regularly checking your tyre pressure, tread depth and wheel-alignment will help in improving the tyre’s overall performance and longevity. As a part of tyre maintenance regime, visually checking you tyres for any punctures, cuts or dirt should be practiced once a week. Keeping your tyres clean and periodically rotating them will also help in avoiding uneven tyre wear and eventually frequent tyre replacements.

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