What to Expect when you book a holiday to Seychelles under the New Normal!

What to Expect when you book a holiday to Seychelles under the New Normal!

The long-awaited date of the re-opening of the airport has arrived in Seychelles and many are those already planning to hit the beautiful sandy beaches and the lush vegetation to escape from the confinement of Covid-19.

Entry into the beautiful destination as of June 1, 2020 will be gradual and subjected to strict conditions imposed by the Public Health Authority.

In order to limit risks for the Seychelles inhabitants, the Seychelles health authority has announced that during the first phase of the reopening of its airport, the destination will only consider visitors from low risks countries travelling through private jets and chartered passenger direct flights.

Visitors are advised that applications will be processed on a case-by-case basis as per Public Health orders.

Information for holidaymakers planning to visit Seychelles is available on the Seychelles Department of Tourism website through the ‘Seychelles Safety Travel Guidelines’ issued on May 29, 2020 and reinforce recommendations made by Public Health Authority.

All visitors are required to present, upon disembarking on the Seychelles shores, certification by their local health authorities confirming they have taken a COVID-19 PCR test 48 hours or less prior to boarding the flight to Seychelles and that the same is negative. Visitors failing to present the required proof will be turned back on the same aircraft.

Visitors are advised that they will be subjected to strict entry screening procedures including completion of the health check form, symptomatic check, temperature scanning. The Public Health Authority also reserves the right to request that visitors undergo a rapid antigen test.

Industry partners including Destination Management Companies, airlines and other partners selling the destination are strongly advised to inform their clients that they must provide proof of accommodation in an approved establishment for the entire period of stay and must show booking vouchers at Immigration desk upon entry.

For ease of control and contact tracing, visitors are encouraged to refrain from changing accommodation during their stay in Seychelles and must not interact with the community apart from those at their place of residence.

The series of guidelines under the ‘Seychelles Safety Travel Guidelines’ also contains crucial recommendations for tourism-related business providers in regards to new required measures to be put in place before they are allowed to operate.

All establishments will be visited by the Department of Tourism and the Public Health Authority and must be certified fit to operate prior to re-opening.

As part of the strict measures taken by the authorities to limit a second wave from hitting the destination; a designated Health and Safety officers or focal person will monitor visitors and staff of tourism establishment daily.

Tourism Trade partners are also encouraged to ensure strict hygiene measures and physical distancing are enforced at all times.

Clients owning or intending to rent a yacht, superyacht and leisure fishing vessels in Seychelles may enter Seychelles waters and must clear immigration at port Victoria and receive clearance for any subsequent visit or disembarkation at any site or island from relevant authorities.

The Public Health Authority has advised that the disembarking procedures imposed will reflect the strict measures taken at the airport and considering the risks, permission for any crew or passengers to get off will not be given until the vessel has spent at least 14 days at sea during which time daily temperature check should be submitted to the Port Health office.

A COVID-19 test may be requested at the end of the 14 days.
All passengers and crew must have been screened for COVID-19 and have a recent negative PCR test prior to entering Seychelles waters.

Industry partners operating yachting services have been advised that there should be a lapse of at least 48 hours before boarding of new clients to allow thorough cleaning as per guidelines and inspection by authorities.

These guidelines start taking effect as of the beginning of June and will be reviewed periodically by the concerned authorities and updated consequently.

Owners of Private planes, Airlines Company, yacht and other leisure fishing vessels are reminded that they need to clearance from the respective authorities before entering the destination’s waters and its airspace.

For more information-

Seychelles Public Health Authority http://www.health.gov.sc/

Seychelles Department of Tourism http://tourism.gov.sc/downloads/