What to Look for in New Build Homes

What to Look for in New Build Homes

The construction industry was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Lockdowns and restrictions on gathering saw all but the most vital of projects slow to a halt, with a knock-on effect seen in the figures for new build home construction in 2020. However, home construction is bouncing back, with a promising increase in home NHBC home registrations of 34% in the final quarter of the 2020-21 period.

As more new builds find their way into the housing market, more households in the UK are climbing the property ladder. If you are one of those households, you might be wondering where to begin.  The following four sections represent key areas you should prioritise for your new build house hunt.


Location is arguably the single most important factor for you to take into consideration when looking at new builds. There are many social and geographical factors to take into account, that can affect the long-term value of your property and, more importantly, your quality of life.

Before you make any decisions on a house, you should familiarise yourself with the surrounding environment. Where are the closest shops and supermarkets? Are there any convenient public transport links? If you have children, you’ll also want to know where the local schools are and how they perform.


In finding new build homes that suit your location needs, your next concern will be the space available to you. Are there enough bedrooms to house you and your family, and is there a spare room for a home office or hobby space? Do you need a second bathroom? And is the living room adequate for your layout plans?

It’s important to note that there are other ways to ensure your new home fulfils your space requirements. You might find it friendlier to your budget to target a smaller home and invest in an extension; additional space is often cheaper to build than to buy. There are more hoops to jump through, though – from the results of your surveyance to planning permission.


In a similar vein to your space considerations above, you may have specific needs regarding available storage. The new builds you’re viewing might come with a garage or even a double-width garage, while some might have no additional storage space whatsoever. Once again, you can meet your own storage needs with construction and renovation, but you should ensure the houses you’re viewing would be easy to modify or extend in this way.


Lastly, you’ll want to factor the kitchen into your decision, over all other individual rooms. The kitchen represents the most significant investment in the home, owing to its various appliances and kitchen units. If a kitchen you’re viewing will need replacement or refurbishment, the costs could increase your total spend by a serious amount. You may have already incorporated the cost of a kitchen refit into your budget, but selecting for new builds with a satisfactory kitchen could save you thousands of pounds, as well as saving you the stress of major renovation works after moving.