What tools does an electrician require when completing a job? 

What tools does an electrician require when completing a job?

As a skilled and professional tradesperson, the right tools are crucial for completing any job. Whether you’re on a domestic call-out or finishing a big commercial project, your tools can ensure that not only everything works correctly, but that you’re also being safe and reducing your chances of injury.

In the world of electrics, there’s a handful of important tools you’ll need to finish a multitude of jobs. From rewiring to fitting an entirely new circuit, let’s take a look at those you’ll need in your toolbox.

Here’s to the basics

Every electricians toolbox should include the basics. We’re talking about a selection of pliers, wire cutters and insulated screwdrivers. You’ll need to make sure that where necessary, your tools are insulated to protect yourself from electric currents.

However, to make sure you’re even less at risk, we’d recommend getting yourself some multimeters or voltage indicators. These are simple, handheld devices that are used for testing whether a live current is present where you’re working. Designed to offer an additional layer of protection to you while you’re on the job, it’s also required by health and safety legislation.  

Power tools

As with pretty much every trade out there, you’re likely to need power tools to make your job quicker and easier. Power drills are not necessarily used by all electricians, but may need to be used depending on your project. Equally, if you’re looking to get yourself a power saw, the type will vary between electricians. Make sure you take stock of what projects and jobs you have in the pipeline before getting yourself power tools.

Getting the right accuracy

Let’s face it, when you’re dealing with electricity, you’ll need to work with precision and accuracy. Whether you invest in a laser measuring tool or stick with a basic tape for simple measuring, there’s plenty of options out there on the market. You may also want to get yourself spirit levels of varying lengths to ensure you’re being as neat as possible throughout your job.

Your toolbox isn’t complete yet

Not without all your other necessities! Don’t forget about the smaller, often forgotten about additional tools and accessories that will come in handy. Cable ties are perfect for keeping things neat and out of the way when needed. Electrical tape is used to insulate wires and other items that conduct electricity. There are different colours available for different things – black is most widely used, while in the UK green and yellow tape indicates the protective earthing point.

Your toolbox is likely to be never fully complete, but with these basics and other tools, you’ll be well on your way! As a skilled and professional tradesperson, the right tools, along with proper training from electrical courses, are crucial for completing any job, ensuring safety, and reducing the risk of injury.