What Will Be the Biggest Charity Events of 2023?

What Will Be the Biggest Charity Events of 2023?

The biggest charity events of the country need no introduction and are definitely going to be back for 2023. But they can always use more awareness. If you’re feeling charitable, there are lots of ways you can get involved. The simplest way is to simply donate money, but we always encourage any efforts to fundraise. We’re breaking down the biggest charity events and when they are so that you know how to get involved.

Race for Life

The biggest nationwide marathon event in the UK is definitely the Race for Life. In the name of Cancer Research UK, you have to don pink at least a little bit and start the journey. Run, walk, or skip your way to the finish line, as long as you’re in solidarity with others looking to raise money and awareness for cancer research. These mass participation events have a hard-working team of event organisers behind and in front of the sene to ensure marathons that are dotted across the country on different dates, run smoothly for all stakeholders. And they always get a great turnout. Like the best charity sports events, there is There are 3k, 5k, and 10k events, plus the Pretty Muddy events that are always fun.

Children in Need

Children in Need is a start-studded BBC event that covers a range of issues affecting the youths of Britain. If you have a problem and are under 18, Children in Need wants to help. Fundraising with Children in Need aids school funds, families struggling poverty, disabilities, health conditions, and other issues. And it has become such a huge event that throughout October and November, you’re likely to find a local fundraising event near you. It’s got a very “no wrong answer” approach to what you do to raise funds. You can sell cookies, run marathons, do karaoke, whatever you think will get people donating, and it all culminates in a celebrity-filled event, including the lovable Pudsey of course, broadcast on the BBC, this year on November 17th.

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day, or Comic Relief is all about finding the fun in life. On Friday, March 17th, the red noses will be back and we can all turn ourselves into clowns for the sake of a variety of causes. This year they are focussing on the cost of living crisis at home, the earthquake in Turkey and Syria and the drought in East Africa. At home, they tend to focus on young people and communities, so you can be aiding anything from giving a kid a good day to refurbishing a community hub. It’s another star-studded event that sees celebrities of all walks of life proving their funny bone isn’t broken, so expect a lot of skits and stand-up routines. And again, if you want to get involved, the world is your oyster. Anything goes. Put your own comedy panel show together, climb Mount Everest, or simply take a hike. As long as people are donating, you’re on the right track. A simple way to get involved is with the charity’s merchandise collection. Grab yourself a t-shirt or hoodie and prove to the world that you donated.