New York Fashion Week

What Will We Be Wearing Next Winter?

Igor Srzic talks New York Fashion Week, Winter Fashion and much more…

I was lucky again to be invited to New York Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 2014. What a great week full of fantastic designers and some great styles too. I came back very inspired and full of positive energy.

It is great and amazing at the same time to see all this from the front row at New York Fashion week. There is not enough space on my page to write about all of designers who left me inspired and amazed, but there is few:

Designer Custo Barcelona was great and I always look forward to seeing his show.

He has chosen to relinquish the busy pattern he is famous for, next winter instead of using clashing prints to get his message across he played with an idea of a guillotine splitting looks straight down to the middle and texture. When talking to the press he said “I wanted to create something special.”

It was aimed at the fashion in 1980, after the power suits and disco, when people did not know what to wear

Nicholas K-, the brother and sister Nicholas and Christopher, got their inspiration from the photo series Men at Sea. The series by French photographer and filmmaker Jean Gaumy tells the story of the struggles of deep sea fisherman in an heroic tone.

The collection delivers charcoal grey, midnight black, and atlantic blues, and cable knit sweaters. Amazing customized boots from Honeywell, male models came down the catwalk dressed in dark colour palette reflective of the sea.

Put together with fisherman hats and hooded parkas, the collection delivered a strong vision that brought cold stern attitude of the sea and land.

Designer Jeremy Scott:

Is Jeremy Happy or Angry or maybe kind of flirty? His collection consists of playful and bold ambivalent colours, outrageous patterns with tones of peaceful bliss.

The rainbow spectacle he staged looked back to the nineties, and at moments it seemed to glance at the way the nineties looked to the seventies, and, well, if you took out your ‘detective monocle’, you’d, like, find a little bit of whatever you happened to look for.

Giving us something which we could easily see being worn in our vibrant city of Brighton and Hove. I love the mix and match of different colours and emotive patterns. What would you be wearing next winter? I know what I will, a bit of everything.

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