What’s Inside Your Tote Bag?

What’s Inside Your Tote Bag?

We love a good tote bag. They’re different from a standard bag. It’s the type of bag that becomes almost a Pandora’s box. And if you’ve ever tried reaching to the bottom of a tote bag to find something, you’ll know what we mean.

But what’s inside yours? Whether you’re a minimalist who carries only the essentials or someone ready for every scenario, the items in your tote bag reflect your lifestyle, habits, and perhaps even your personality. So we bet we can guess at least one or two items inside yours.

Read on to find out more.

Keys, Wallet, Phone

Beyond the basics like hand sanitiser and lip balm (basics or essential?), many might carry a small sunscreen (for you SPF girlies), moisturiser, hair ties, hair grips, or a travel-sized hairbrush to save you on a windy day, etc. And let’s not forget makeup. Surely, every woman with a tote bag has at least some makeup inside. Even if it’s a cute lip gloss that’s never used, it’s still rotting at the bottom of the bag.

More hardcore makeup wearers won’t go anywhere without essential items like mascara, a go-to lipstick, or concealer. It depends on how often you want to refresh your face and what you’re doing for the day.

The Just-In-Case Kit

The just-in-case kit. Surely, every woman has one of these in their handbag (it’s not limited to tote bags). But at least with tote bags, you can typically keep more just in case things in there. And if you have a look at blank tote bags on websites like Wordans, you’ll see how big they are compared to standard handbags. If we had to guess, we bet you have:

Just in brolly
Just in case sanitary items
Just in case phone charger
Just in case water bottle
Just in case snacks
Just in case headphones

You might also have allergy medication, pain relievers, or even a spare pair of contact lenses if you’re one of the people who has to pay for the privilege to see.

For parents, this kit might include items for children. They could be wipes, small toys, snacks, etc. Basically, it can be anything you think you’ll need in an emergency.

Personal Items and Keepsakes

Keepsakes might not be as typical – it’s risky to take keepsakes everywhere. And, sometimes, what goes into a tote bag never seems to come out.

A planner can be a visual representation of your goals and commitments. For some people, it’s a way to keep track of life. For some, it’s a book or a journal. Do you think everyone seems to be talking about the power of journaling? It seems to be everywhere and to be honest, it’s good for you.

It’s almost obligatory to have a keepsake or personal item with you. This doesn’t apply only to tote bags – most women’s bags have some sort of personal item inside.

Did we guess the contents of your tote bag? And if you don’t have a tote bag, what are you doing with your life? Do you have another bag that’s big enough to fit everything you need that isn’t a handbag? We think not.