Where are the Best Countries to Work?

Where are the Best Countries to Work?

As an increasingly global society, and an increasingly technological one to boot, the concept of ‘work’ has seen a significant shift over time. The rise of remote working and the ‘digital nomad’ has alerted more and more people to the possibilities presented by looking past our borders – but for someone who has never worked anywhere but the UK, where are the best countries to set up a business or freelance enterprise?


Germany is one of the better Western European countries in which to work, on account of being a mainland titan of industry. Engineers and scientists are in particularly high demand here, as are financial professionals; Germany’s infrastructure is also well-suited to the professional freelancer, with many potential in-roads for networking and development. Of course, Germany has a reputation, culturally and socially speaking – making understanding enshrined business etiquette vital to said success.

South Korea

South Korea has developed as a country at a breakneck pace, outpacing many Western economies in terms of growth and diversification. Today, Seoul is a global centre for business and culture and one of the world’s faster-developed. Indeed, speed is the name of the game; life in the likes of Seoul and Busan moves quickly, as these technologically-advanced centres combine with Korean principles of diligence to create a unique work-hard-play-hard environment. This can take some adjustment for repatriates, but is a worthy adjustment for a completely new urban experience.


France is a stone’s throw from the UK, and yet entirely apart in terms of culture. This can make it an extremely compelling option for freelancers and new business owners hoping to keep one foot in their home city, but can also breed complacency in other areas.

The proximity to the UK does not shield entrepreneurs from the unique tax issues presented by opening a business abroad, nor from the importance of settling into the local culture to make the most of its opportunities. France is a gateway to the rest of Europe, too, making it ideal for businesses trucking in international goods.


On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean lies America. While the USA is a sprawling playground for entrepreneurs willing to break new ground, it is, in fact, the US’ northerly neighbour that offers the best opportunities for those seeking work. It is a much less hostile economic environment for new businesses, and freelancer opportunities are rife. Furthermore, a working holiday in Canada can offer a unique chance to immerse yourself in the local culture while gaining valuable work experience, making it a rewarding and enriching adventure, added working holiday visa Canada.


Finally, we come to Portugal – which makes this list for its trailblazing new laws about digital nomadism. Portugal has instituted a Digital Nomad Visa that enables freelancers to live and work there without worrying about citizenship or complicated taxation rules, making it the perfect place for the holidaying remote worker.