Where to start with online casinos

Where to start with online casinos

Gambling, although it can be dangerous, is a very entertaining past time. Due to the huge number of sites on the Internet, it can often be daunting to join an online casino, so this is a list to try and help you not feel so intimidated and have the best possible experience at online casinos.

Pick your online casino
To choose your online casino, first decide what you need. Some casinos offer very good desktop sites but no mobile app, or you might want an instant live casino. Look up which sites offers the best of whatever you are looking, and then go and have a look at the online reviews.

Online reviews will sometimes be biased in one direction or the other but if you read enough of them, then you should get a balanced view of what each casino has to offer. It is important to also have a look at the banking options, the software providers and the terms and conditions.

If you think you will need help in your time with the casino, then do not hesitate to contact customer support before you even sign up to just get a feel for how they will be once you have signed up. This can avoid some nasty surprises when you do eventually sign up.

Make sure you are safe
This may seem obvious but too many first time gamblers neglect to do this. Make sure to check the licensing of the casino that you are signing up to and make sure to verify their payment methods. In the UK casinos must be licensed by the UKGC and they provide a searchable database that you can use to check which sites are licensed. This should not take too long, and if you are signing up with the most established companies you do not need to worry so much about this.

Choose the most ideal welcome bonus
When it comes to value for money, there is nothing better than a welcome offer. These are basically welcome presents from the casino, and you should make sure that you are getting one of the better ones, some casinos offer 200% welcome bonuses, meaning that if you deposit £50 for example, they will give you £100 in bonuses. To do so, look through the terms and conditions of the offers, as the best ones can often hide some nasty surprises behind their terms.

The best offers will have lots of free spins or tokens to use on games, to make sure that your first experiences gambling on the site are a positive one. Despite being profitable, these can disappear quickly, so do not burn through them either. Patience is always key.

Use the free play options
At first, you will almost undoubtedly not understand the various games, whether they be casino games or slots or anything else. This is completely understandable, as reading guides and instructions is not the same as playing the actual game.

Thankfully, almost all online casino sites offer free play options on their game where you can play without gambling real money. This will let you properly learn the game and see what it is like, and it is invaluable experience for what gambling is.

Gamble intelligently
If you want to try and make money gambling or even if you just want a long term hobby, then make sure to bet intelligently. Firstly, remember that the house always has an edge, in whatever game you play.

If you are playing a table game, then make sure you know what the basic strategy is. There is always a basic strategy which is generally the best way to play the game, and often you can look up an easy one online. Sticking to this is often a good idea, although you can still deviate slightly in situations.

Finally, make sure to only gamble what you can afford to lose.