Why Are So Many Movie Stars Endorsing CBD Use?

Why Are So Many Movie Stars Endorsing CBD Use?

You have probably heard of CBD by now. The acronym stands for “Cannabidiol”, and it is one of the most popular substances that can be extracted from hemp plants. CBD use has blown into a major health trend over the last couple of years, a rise in popularity that can be credited to the large number of movie stars and celebrities who have come out in support of the substance. Gwyneth Paltrow even included CBD in cosmetic products of her Goop lifestyle brand.

But what is it about CBD that has made it so popular among Hollywood stars? The answer lays in a variety of factors, some more innocent than others.

1 – CBD is a victory

The legalization of hemp and CBD in the US back in 2018 was a victory for those who advocate for medical marijuana use. That’s because using hemp and CBD allows patients to gain many of the benefits provided by medical marijuana without having to jump through the same legal hoops. And while the UK had already legalized CBD back in 2014, Hollywood stars had little reason to talk about the substance until it was legalized in their country.

It was somewhat inevitable that CBD would be a topic of discussion once it became legal. After all, many Hollywood stars have been advocating for the legalization of medical marijuana for ages. Some were even open about their marijuana use long before the US started legalizing the plant.

2 – CBD is not an opioid

One of the uses of CBD is as an analgesic substance. It can help people deal with problems ranging from chronic pain to serious sports injuries. This makes CBD an attractive alternative to traditional opioids, many of which are much more dangerous than the hemp extract.

CBD also offers no risk for causing chemical dependency, something that is valued in light of the opioid epidemic ravishing the US. Some rehab clinics have even started offering CBD to help patients get rid of their opioid addiction, as the substance seems to make the withdrawal symptoms less severe.

3 – There is money in CBD

Let’s not overlook one of the obvious reasons why celebrities are interested in talking about CBD. Many big Hollywood names have invested in the CBD market, some even going as far as opening their own brands of CBD products. And since movie stars seldom discuss their investment portfolios, there is no way to verify how often CBD endorsements come from stars who have conflicts of interest.

4 – CBD has real benefits

Reports that CBD is some kind of miracle cure to all conditions have been largely exaggerated. That said, CBD does offer a unique variety of health benefits that isn’t often found in nature. By interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD can impact your sleep, immune system, pain receptors, and many other areas of your body.

The fact that CBD can actually deliver what it promises while offering few potential side effects is a major reason why so many celebrities endorse it. And why so many of them, from movie stars to professional athletes, have made the substance part of their routines.

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