Why People Love Playing Slots

Out of all the ways people can gamble in 2019, slots are without a doubt the most popular, and for good reason too. For a start you can play slots from pretty much anywhere you find yourself these days, thanks to the online slot explosion that has well and truly rocked the gambling industry to its core. And this really is no over-exaggeration, just look at the outrageous increase in slot gamblers over the last couple of years.

The industry has ballooned in size, growing at an exponential rate that even the most senior of gambling analysts failed to predict. Technological innovation has been a driving factor in this, no wonder really – without technology we would still be playing mechanical land-based slots after all. It is not just that though; online slots have become bastions for the new age of technological expansion, often looking like fully-fledged online games rather than simple gambling vessels. Oh how times have changed, eh? It all means that there are more people that love to play slots than ever before. Why is this exactly? Read on to find out or learn more here.

Insane Visuals of online slots
One of the biggest differences when you look at slots from the distant past in comparison to the hyper modern examples is that the aesthetic level has gone up majorly. To put this in context, the very first slots were purely mechanical creations, and as such you couldn’t really speak about “graphics” in relation to them at all. In fact, it was only in the 1980s that video slots became a thing, one of the first instances where developers actually had to worry about the quality of graphics.

Nowadays pretty much all online slots have immaculately clear and pristine visuals, something that makes the whole playing experience that much better. Just look at games such as Centurion, for instance, there shouldn’t be any surprise that people love playing slots so much when you consider these titles. Due to the nature of the market this is only going to get better as well, so you can expect the online slot industry to keep ballooning in size as the years go on.

Incredible Win-Potential 
Another thing that has got a lot better as time has drawn on is the win-potential associated to slots of all kinds. Back in the late 1800s slot machines weren’t particularly easy to make a win on because of their inherently simplistic nature, and even if you were lucky enough to score a winning combination the only prize would be a cigar or drink at the bar. This has all changed these days, however, mainly because there is just so much more money in the market.

With more players spinning the reels on their games, developers and casinos are free to unleash ever bigger and better prizes. This is characterised by the progressive jackpot trend first established in the 1960s, where places like Las Vegas were quickly becoming incredibly popular gambling hot spots. These days developers such as Microgaming have taken it to the next level, introducing unbelievably lucrative progressive jackpot networks that regularly pay out well over a million dollars.

Crazy Bonus Rounds 
Technology has revolutionised the slot industry for a variety of reasons, one of which being that capability to include extraordinarily exciting bonus rounds into slots, especially the online variety. Indeed, it is difficult not to love slots when you consider the crazy extent of some of these bonus rounds – these days they can often resemble little mini-games in themselves!

We have to mention the online slot Centurion by Inspired Gaming again here, as this title has some of the most ground-breaking bonus games the industry has ever seen. There are four distinctly unique options, all of which playing out much like the mini-games in the popular Nintendo series Mario Party. And, not only are they fun, but they can also end up being highly lucrative indeed. Cannot argue with that now, can you?

New Slot Technology 
Pretty much every point in this article has and will be down to new technological innovations being made on the part of developers, however one thing that keeps the interest in the industry fervent is the new technology that is coming just round the corner. For instance, virtual reality is something that we are bound to see a lot more of in the online slot world very soon, and when it does come about many analysts expect another huge jump in popularity.

Indeed, this shouldn’t even be that surprising, as there truly can be few things that are more exciting than playing your favourite online slots in stunning virtual reality. At least not in our book…

Mobile Gaming 
Over the last decade the proper emergence of smartphones has meant that the online slot industry could make use of an entirely new platform on which to host its games, one that is even more practical than laptops or computers. In fact, more gamblers spin the reels of their favourite online slots on their mobile phones now than on their laptops, testimony to the massive popularity that this technological jump has brought.

Nowadays you can play online slots from anywhere you find yourself really, ensuring you have an adequate connection on your phone. People already loved playing slots, but many of them probably found it annoying that they could only do so when they were at home on their desk. Not anymore, these days you can spin the reels on your morning commute, during your weekly shop… even under the table during a meeting! Although we don’t recommend the latter….

Competitive Slots gaming Developers 
None of these facts would be true if it were not for the highly competitive nature of developing slot games, as this is the main thing that keeps the many different companies on their toes, always trying to make a better game than before. There is so much money in the industry now that it can really pay to be ahead, good news for us online slot gamblers – it means there is never a dull moment!