Why Regular Dentist Visits are Important

Why Regular Dentist Visits are Important

There is little doubt that the health of the nation’s teeth has improved significantly in recent decades, and this is probably due in part to advances in oral care provided by toothpaste and associated products.

Having said that, it has been noticed there has been a slight increase in tooth decay amongst children; in fact, the most recent figures provided by gov.uk stated that over 27% of 5-year-olds in the UK were suffering tooth decay largely as a result of consuming too much sugar in their diet.

The best way to avoid this is by getting into a routine of regular visits with a dentist in Stockport as early as possible. Even though a visit to your dentist may not be top of everyone’s list here are several reasons why you should make regular appointments – and keep them!

Brushing Doesn’t Solve Everything
Even those who brush their teeth and floss religiously can still find that plaque and tartar can build up. This is because there are areas of the mouth that are difficult to reach. Plaque is the sticky substance that sticks to teeth and because it is hard to see it’s easy to miss. It can then build up to form tartar which if not removed can go on to damage the teeth and form cavities. Tartar can only be successfully removed by a dentist. It’s far better to see your dentist for regular thorough cleaning of your teeth to remove plaque before it develops into tartar and before it reaches a stage where fillings are required.

Avoid Gum Disease
A build-up of tartar is also responsible for gum disease; tartar can cause infection of the gum tissues, known as gingivitis, which can have serious consequences like sore and swollen gums and eventually tooth loss. Regular checkups and treatment from your dentist can avoid this altogether.

Advice on Keeping Your Mouth Healthy
We all have bad habits which can be unknowingly harmful to oral health and these can range from something as simple as biting your nails or regularly eating hard sweets to grinding your teeth or smoking. Drinking tea, coffee and red wine regularly, and of course, smoking can stain teeth, making them look unsightly. These habits can make changes to the state of your oral health so subtly that you may not even notice them until damage has been done. When you make regular visits for dental checkups your dentist can examine your teeth for any damage and then offer corrective treatment. In addition, they can offer valuable advice on the best way to avoid further damage and how to keep your mouth and your teeth as healthy as possible by understanding which bad habits to avoid.

Detecting More Serious Issues
Dentists are not only experts in looking after your teeth and gums, they are also highly trained to spot changes which may indicate a serious problem such as oral cancer. Even if you haven’t noticed any changes within your mouth, or if you have spotted something but aren’t sure about what it is, your dentist is trained to spot signs and symptoms of oral cancer among other serious issues.

An early diagnosis of oral cancer often means that it is more easily treatable, so if you visit your dentist regularly you can be sure that if there are any signs of oral cancer it will be caught in good time. As well as checking for signs of oral cancer your dentist will check your neck, jaw and lymph nodes for any abnormalities which could indicate a major health problem and can refer you for treatment.