Why Take Safety Car Measures With ADAS Calibration?

Why Take Safety Car Measures With ADAS Calibration?

ADAS is a widely used system that is designed to make the experience of driving a car both smoother and safer. That said, in order for it to function in the way that it really should, cars equipped with ADAS technology need to be calibrated. This will help to ensure that all of the sensors used by the ADAS system are functioning correctly. If not, then the augmented level of safety you should expect while driving will be diminished. Bear in mind that the calibration process can be either static or dynamic depending on your car’s make and model. What is the basic difference?

Static Calibration

This approach to calibrating ADAS requires the right sort of certification from the technician involved. Essentially, this comes down to the fact that manufacturer-specific equipment will need to be used. Car glass technicians should also be able to take care of any windscreen repair or replacement services you need at the same time since much of the viewing technology that ADAS uses is mounted in the glazing.

Dynamic Calibration

This approach is often considered more user-friendly because it can be done without the specialist equipment needed for a static calibration. Usually, a handheld device will be inserted into your car and connected to the ADAS system. Once it is reading data from the ADAS sensors, the car should be driven a certain distance at a given speed. After this test drive is completed, the device will have correctly calibrated the sensors so they work optimally.

The Importance of ADAS Calibration For Car Safety

Whichever approach to ADAS calibration your car needs, the fact is that correctly setting each of the system’s sensors will make all subsequent car journeys that bit safer. You can avail of just this sort of ADAS calibration service from the Jet Wheel Tyre garage where your system will be left in full readiness for any issues you might come across on the road. Typically, ADAS will control safety functions such as lane departure warnings, dynamic headlight control, pedestrian protection and blind-spot monitoring. Therefore, a calibration service is just as much about the safety of other road users as it is yourself.