Wilderness Safaris Introduces Dumatau and Little Dumatau

Wilderness Safaris Introduces Dumatau and Little Dumatau

In addition to upgrading DumaTau Camp, which has been part of the Wilderness Safarisoffering in the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve in northern Botswana since 1997, the company has announced the introduction of Little DumaTau – an exclusive and intimate camp featuring four tented suites. DumaTau and Little DumaTau will form part of Wilderness Safaris Premier portfolio, with DumaTau closing in November 2019, and the anticipated opening for both camps being August 2020.

“We are thrilled to be enhancing our DumaTau experience to further showcase our commitment to driving ecotourism in this prolific wildlife area”, comments Wilderness Safaris Botswana MD, Kim Nixon. “The Linyanti Wildlife Reserve is a must-see spectacle, filled with varied habitats, diverse wildlife and wonderful scenery. The location of our camps in this reserve offers an unrivalled experience, with private access to the Zibadianja Lagoon and more than 22 kilometres of exclusive traversing along the north and south banks of the Savute Channel – think effortless space, privacy, seclusion and extraordinary wildlife encounters”.

Little DumaTau will be situated north of the current DumaTau, with the architecture and interiors for both camps remaining true to the essence of DumaTau; stylish and elegant, with a sense of off-the-beaten-track exploration. Between the two camps will be a new wellness space and spa looking out over the water, where guests can relax during the heat of the day. The fire deck will continue to be a highlight for guests as they are almost immersed in the Linyanti River. The outdoor Star Bed offers adventurous guests the opportunity to sleep under the immense expanse of the southern skies, getting close to nature in style and comfort.

As both camps will offer a Premier experience, a number of enhancements will be made, including doubling the size of the rooms to include a comfortable lounge; making the bathrooms larger with indoor and outdoor showers; and ensuring cooling systems, ventilation and more shade all add to the comfort levels of the rooms. Each of the eight tented suites at DumaTau and four tents at Little DumaTau will have an expansive deck and plunge pool. The main area too brings new elements, for example, its own fire pit, an outside dining area and a “curiosity room”, where guests can explore, browse, read and be enveloped by the wealth of wildlife and rich history of research across the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve.

In addition to morning, afternoon and night game drives, boating excursions, nature walks and excellent birding opportunities, guests will able to experience a helicopter flight as an optional extra activity. “It is from the air that one can truly appreciate the wonders of this concession. DumaTau’s location at the end of the Great Rift Valley is truly extraordinary, and the scenic flights soar along the fault line and out over the Linyanti wetlands to the river, amplifying the wildlife and elephant drama on the ground”, adds Kim.

“Our guests at DumaTau are therefore able to contribute to the monitoring of the Linyanti’s biodiversity from the air, helping to ensure the pathways and corridors are safe and open for the continued movement of wildlife, especially as the reserve is situated at the fulcrum of the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area. Just by staying at DumaTau, seeing herd after herd of elephants as they wind their way along their ancient paths, and learning more about these animals – and the others that share their home – our guests will leave knowing that they have made a positive impact on the conservation of this extraordinary wilderness area”, concludes Kim.