Women’s Fitness

It is August and we are fully in the swing of wedding season

Brides, you have planned every detail; your dress, flowers, cake, the list is endless. But what about your body? Looking your absolute best on the big day is a must, so a decent fitness plan should be high on your list of priorities.

The body takes around 6-8 weeks to show real changes from exercise, so the earlier you start the better.

Most brides-to-be who I see all want to work on the same bits: shoulders, arms and back, as these are the parts most often left revealed by a wedding dress. Few brides go for a short skirt but if you have a beach honeymoon coming up, you will need to tone the whole body in order to look great in your bikini. Doubtless you’ll be posting photos for everyone back home to see!

So, what sort of exercise should you be doing? The kind of programmes I prescribe use a medium weight; you need to feel the resistance, but not struggle to pick it up. I like exercises that work as many muscle groups as possible in combination.

Why do a set of squats and shoulder press separately when you can do them at the same time?  Choose 8-10 moves like these; lunges with a triceps extension, a plank with leg lift are other examples. Perform in a circuit of 10-20 repetitions with little or no break in between and you’ll get a cardio hit at the same time as strengthening and tightening your whole body.

If you are unsure, find a qualified fitness professional to help you. Also try magazines and the internet for guidance.

Finally, don’t stop working out once you’re happily married. Exercise should be a healthy habit for life and hopefully once you see the results and realise how good you feel you’ll be hooked!

Suzy Walton, Personal Trainer mob: 07779081356 e: suzywalton@ntlworld.com