World renowned Brighton-based contemporary artist, Iva Troj, is set to take Paris by storm as her solo project goes on display at The Louvre in Paris.

World renowned Brighton-based contemporary artist, Iva Troj, is set to take Paris by storm as her solo project goes on display at The Louvre in Paris.

Award winning contemporary artist,  Dr. Iva Troj (age 53) whose works have been exhibited in famous art galleries all over the world, is about to receive one of her greatest achievements to date as a solo exhibit is about to go on display at FOCUS in The Louvre which takes place 1-4 Sept 2022 in Paris.
This is not the first time that Iva’s paintings have been hung in The Louvre. In October 2021, Iva was commissioned by Xbox to paint an epic Renaissance style painting as part of the Halo Infinite Masterpiece anniversary celebration and launch. Iva painted the 6×3 metre Renaissance style oil on canvas painting in less than 5 weeks. The work was filled with hidden references about the new game and Halo culture for fans to discover. Halo Infinite Masterpiece was displayed at Saatchi Gallery in London and then later at The Louvre in Paris.

Iva’s style of painting is very much influenced by her upbringing in communist Bulgaria. She grew up in the outskirts of Plovdiv, right next to the Romani slums. The images of that place are something that she still feels and sees to this day. Like many other talented kids growing up in the last years of communism, Iva was discovered by the talent machine installed by the communist party. At the age of 14 she entered a prestigious art school facing fierce competition for 20 places from thousands of other talented children.

Iva’s style and inspiration comes from the techniques of The Old Masters, not just Western but also Russian and Eastern European in general. “I would often look at art books from the Renaissance and wonder why the women in them were so powerless and passive, always laying there nude like they lost the will to live, combing their hair and undressing, etc. I grew up wishing to become good at painting so I could change the stories in classical motifs. My technique resembles the Flemish method of layering thin veneers of paint between layers of varnish. Beautiful imperfection and constant renewal are the themes that flow throughout my paintings,” says Iva.

Iva’s work was greatly admired by the late art critic, Brian Sewell who was fascinated by her technique. It was Brian who informed Iva that she had won the Best of England Award and she corresponded with him right up until in his final days in hospital and death in 2015.

Iva’s works range from the large (30×20 feet) Halo Infinite Masterpiece that covered a whole wall and it had its own room in Saatchi London in December last year to small miniature pieces. Her clients come from all walks of life from Middle East royalty, ambassadors, sports legends even to people that work in hospitals and care homes. Iva tries to make her work as accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. “One thing I’ve noticed, especially in the last 3 years or so, is that more than half of my clients are either women or LGBTQ+. This makes me happy,” says Iva.

“I have also done lots of cover art for musicians I admire for their various albums, and also portraits. I’m painting almost a full-scale portrait of a performer I’ve admired for years right now, in a regal setting wearing a dress similar to Queen Victoria’s in one of her famous portraits as a young regent.”

Iva has also done commissions for Channel4’s Taskmaster Series 11 [she did the animated paintings in that ad] and a commercial for Just Eat where a painting she did was 3D animated and came to life.

After the Louvre show, Iva’s main goal is to create a body of work for a museum exhibit featuring portraits and furniture pieces she has made, creating a room full of artefacts that would normally be seen in a royal castle but telling intimate contemporary stories. She is also working on a limited edition print series consisting of very high quality and often hand-finished and glazed works at affordable prices for collectors and art lovers from all walks of life.

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