World-renowned Karen’s Diner leads influx of new business at Brighton Marina 

World-renowned Karen’s Diner leads influx of new business at Brighton Marina

This week sees the opening of notorious Karen’s Diner on the boardwalk of Brighton Marina.

The Fifties-inspired American-style diner, named after a “Karen” — one of those entitled suburban types who always wants to speak to the manager, has already taken 3,000 bookings in advance prior to opening.

Famed for having extremely rude staff where customers will get their money’s worth of insults, the entire concept is based on the staff not caring. It’s one of the only places where guests can pay to be verbally abused intentionally, during dinner.

Sophie Chandler, “Marketing Manager for Brighton said this is hugely exciting for Brighton Marina and the residents. Karen’s Diner is known throughout the world, albeit for its tongue-in-cheek customer services, and great burgers. This is an entirely new concept for not only Brighton Marina but for the whole of Sussex.

Karen’s is one of six new businesses which are open or due to open soon at the Marina and to have this level of new business is extremely positive for the residents and local economy.”

This weekend also saw the opening of Aydo Lounge and Grill on the Boardwalk of Brighton Marina. This one-of-a-kind high-end Turkish restaurant is the creation of Aydin Unat, a Turkish expat who has spent many years working towards this opening.

Aydin said. “This is such an exciting moment for me and my family. It has taken many, many years of planning. Everything in the restaurant has been sourced from Turkey which is one of the leading countries in interior design. I wanted to create a sumptuous and luxurious space for Brighton and Hove residents to enjoy the décor & ambience, as well as the food.

We will have a variety of regular music and DJs throughout the week and are hoping to be the new destination for visitors outside of Sussex. My aim is to create good vibes and atmosphere and offer a spacious venue where we will not rush people to leave.  We want to give people a place to enjoy excellent food and relax.”

Deputy Mayor of Brighton and Hove City Council, Mohammed Asaduzzaman, was present to officially open the Aydo Lounge & Grill.

He said, “The opening of the Aydo Lounge & Grill, brings much needed business to Brighton and Hove. The lounge will provide jobs and is wonderful for the local economy. This restaurant is high end and as such we hope will attract customers from far and wide. Aydin has brought authentic Turkish culture to Brighton, and as representative of the council, we are delighted to work with local businesses such as his.”

The Aydo lounge is one of six new offerings at Britain’s largest marina which hosts yachts and boats from around the world and is home to 1755 residents.

Café Havana on the Boardwalk, which opened at the end of July, specialises in burgers and grills, perri perri chicken & similar dishes.

There is now a new Marina Village Store set up by two Syrian refugees who came to England to work as a civil engineer and a teacher, but couldn’t find work in their industry, so decided to diversify and came up with the idea of a quaint Marina Village Store.

Following the popularity of Vrroom, the virtual motor racing room, and Glowballs, 1 September will see the opening of VGOLF & Games Room, state-of-the-art virtual golf simulators & shuffle lanes, accompanied by augmented reality darts in the games room. This is the first of its kind in Brighton, and a business which will complement the existing Vrroom and Glowballs interactive experiences.

30 September will also see the opening of kutchenhaus, a new kitchen showroom which is part of nobilia, Europe’s largest manufacturer in kitchens known for their award-winning German manufacturing quality.

Residents Association Chair, Keith Malcolm said, “From the perspective of a Brighton Marina resident it’s been great to see a flurry of new businesses coming to the Marina in the last few months.

With 3 new restaurants opening on the waterside Boardwalk this summer, as well as new recreational businesses Vroom Racing and Vgolf complementing existing outlets, the leisure and dining choices on our doorsteps are much improved. The new retail outlets in the Village Square area are also very welcome.

It benefits all of us who live in the Marina to have thriving commercial activities in this unusual location by the sea that we share and I’m sure Marina residents will wish the new businesses every success as well as supporting them as customers.”