World most expensive menu

The World’s Most Expensive Menu: How to Feast Like a Millionaire

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you splurge your fortune on?

According to UK lottery operator Camelot, there has been a surge in digital sales over the last 12 months and that means more people are now playing the lottery online. Indeed, Lottoland is one such site that’s now offering Internet-connected players the chance to play both lotteries and scratch cards via their desktop and mobile devices.

From the US Powerball and Swedish Lotto, platforms like Lottoland are giving people more ways to play and, therefore, win millions in an instant. So, if it’s now easier to win a lottery fortune, it makes sense that more people are now dreaming of what they could splash their cash on if they hit the jackpot. Naturally, since food is a major part of our lives, it’s no surprise that most people would be hitting the finest restaurants to sample the delights of the world’s best chefs.
With this in mind, we’ve put together the world’s most expensive menu:

A Coffee to Start

Before you start your meal, how about a nice cup of coffee for £325? Yes, that’s right, £325 for a simple caffeine hit. But wait, that’s not the only element of Richard Hardwick’s and David Foster’s Diamond Coffee. Unbelievably, for £325 you get a coffee made from weasel droppings!

A Slice of Cake

Once you’ve perked up your taste buds with the help of a weasel, Lottoland’s infographic on some of the world’s most expensive foods suggests sampling the Decadence D’Or Cupcake. Taking 48 hours to prepare, this elite cupcake contains everything from edible gold leaf decoration and Louis XIII de Rémy Martin Cognac. So how much does a slice of cupcake indulgence cost? £518!

Chocolate, Champagne and Caviar

If a cupcake costing £518 doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth or urge to spend, then try Chef Marc Guilbert’s chocolate creation. Despite looking like an Easter egg, this champagne, caviar-infused dessert contains a two-carat diamond and costs an eye-watering £24,115.

Express Dining

World most expensive menu

After feasting on chocolate and caviar, why not jump on a plane to Mexico for some champagne? Of course, being a newly minted millionaire you’ll want to have the finest food when you fly which is why you can call On Air Dining. Offering a bespoke service that allows you to order anything you like, On Air Dining will create meals that cost as much as £1,000 as you soar over the ocean at 20,000 feet.

Water of the Gods

Finally, once you arrive in Mexico you can wash everything down with some water. Filtered into a 24-carat gold bottle, Acqua Di Cristallo “Tributo a Modigliani” comes in at £41,335 per 750 ml which, by anyone’s standards, is a hefty price tag for a bottle of water.

While the prospect of spending upwards of £70,000 on food and drink might frighten many of us, these things are just par for the course if you’re a millionaire who enjoys the finer things in life.