World’s largest jewellery brand reveals new visual identity, store design, products andcollaborations.

World’s largest jewellery brand reveals new visual identity, store design, products andcollaborations.

Copenhagen, DENMARK, 29 August 2019 -Today, Pandora officially kicks off its brand relaunch which seesthe company refresh all consumer touchpointsto increase brand relevance. Pandora will introduce a new store design,new collaborations, celebrity endorsements, and new products and make the largest marketing investment in the company’s history. Pandora will also present new online stores and refresh its presence on marketplaces such as Tmall.

“Since the launch of the Moments platform in year 2000, Pandora has built the best known jewellery brand in the world by allowing consumers to emotionally connect with their jewellery through co-creation and self-expression,” says CEO Alexander Lacik. “Today we strengthen this core proposition with a complete renewal of our entire consumer experience.”

The brand relaunch was revealed yesterday at aVIPevent in Los Angelesattended by 400 international guests. Pandoraintroduced a new company purpose,”We give a voice to people’s loves – Passions, People & Places”, and an updated logo and monogram. The new visual identity will appear across all Pandora channels, as well as advertising campaigns together with Pandora’s updated nomenclature in a fresh, modern tone. The company has alsoadoptedthe colour pink as its new main marker and recognisable statement across all consumer touchpoints.

New look in stores and online

One of the cornerstones of the brand relaunch is a new store design called Expression that builds on discovery and collecting. The new store concept will gradually roll-out with a number of fully refurbished key stores in 2019.

Pandora’s 20 online stores are shifting to the new visual identity today with significantly improved listing and product pages that optimise navigation and check-out flow. The new online stores also have cleaner visuals, better product imagery while blending story-telling and transactional content.

Partnerships to increase brand relevance

As part of the brand relaunch, Pandora announced new long-term partnershipswith sixwell-known global influencers, chosen for their relevance tothe core Pandora audience. The six women are Nathalie Emmanuel, Georgia May Jagger, Halima Aden, Larsen Thompson, Margaret Zhang and Tasyavan Ree.

In addition, Pandora recently partnered with Millie Bobby Brown, two-time Emmy nominee and UNICEF’s youngest-ever Goodwill Ambassador, tospecifically support the launch in October of Pandora Me, a new collection developed with a younger audience in mind. Later in the year, Pandora will launch products incollaborations with Harry Potter and Frozen II.

Introduction of new product concepts
A number of products will hit the market in conjunction with the brand relaunch. Today,the Autumn/Winter 2019 collection launchesglobally. It is the largest collection this yearwith 121 different designsspanning all product categories. Among the new products is the OPendant which is a charms-carrying pendant for necklaces, its shape derived from the Pandora O symbol.

All of theseinitiatives will be supportedby an increased marketing investment. Further initiatives will be announced, as the renewal of the complete consumer experience continues into 2020.