Yankees Dump Jacoby Ellsbury, Greg Bird

Yankees Dump Jacoby Ellsbury, Greg Bird

Here is the hot stove rumor that is taking place in the MLB. Well, a lot is going on actually, especially if you are a Yankee fan, you need to know what really is taking place at your favorite club. There is a lot going on at the Yankees and it will actually do justice if we share with you what we know right now!

Yankee Release Ellsbury, Cut Bird
Prior to the rule 5 draft protection deadline, the Yankees released Ellsbury and they went on and appointed Greg Bird for the assignment, the official website of the Yankee announced.

However, as for Bird, the first baseman has experienced some health issues for the past few years. According to https://www.francaisonlinecasinos.net/ he has only appeared in 140 of 638 games since 2016. He has hit 194/287/388 in those 140 games. However, the Yankee has seven days to make sure that they trade and get the right replacement. Or, what they can do is to put bird through waivers since he has been appointed for the assignment. With his injury history, at the same time projecting $1.3 million in salaries in 2020, there is actually a real possibility that he will slip through and remain in the organization as a non-40-man roster player.

There is A Wheeler Market Heating Up
The outgoing Mets right-hander Zack Wheeler is actually going into his prime age. And, after coming off a solid year in the Queens, the 27-year-old is a very good talent and there is a possibility that he can regain his old form as he is getting further away from his elbow reconstruction. And, the Yankees might be considering rolling the dice on such a top prospect player. He is very mature and he can bring the edge, as well as the guidance that this team needs.

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