Your Guide To Popular Engraving Techniques

Your Guide To Popular Engraving Techniques

When it comes to engraving it is essential to know which technique and method to use on your specific object. Engraving covers a wide variety of projects from trophies to signs, headstones to quirky cheese boards. Knowing the different engraving techniques and which ones are most suited for you is pivotal before committing to an engraving. We are going to talk you through a guide to popular engraving techniques and help you decide which approach is best for you.

CNC Engraving

In CNC engraving, a machine is used to create deep marks in the given material. Controlled by a computer, this style of engraving is similar to hand engraving but due to its automation is perfect for large batches of products or very intricate details. Because of its very nature, this style of engraving creates a bold, deep mark on the material which gives it a textured and striking finish. The way CNC utilises automation is handy for creating uniformed engraving across large numbers of products. It’s perfect for the likes of trophy engraving, tag engraving and aluminium labels.

Hand engraving

Combining the skill and prowess of human engravers with the intricacy of machines, hand engraving is perfect for those really detailed engraving jobs. I sweat just watching the guy engrave the FA Cup by hand with the winning teams name every year. Hand engraving more generally can be used on things like dies, plaques or personalised intricate projects. With the aid of a machine the craftsmen will follow a project by hand and judge how deep an engraving is necessary throughout. Hand engraving tends to create a deeper and more quirky finish, which is perfect for tailoring to your own needs and wants. This is fine for small singular projects but makes it hard when it comes to large commercial engraving which requires more speed and consistency.

Laser engraving

Popular with the likes of The Engraving People and other commercial engraving businesses is the laser engraving technique. This method utilises a machine laser which allows the machine to not even touch the material. It is the most popular method of engraving because of its immense versatility. The laser approach means the material is dented but without any reverberation and provides a smooth finish. Combined with its intricacy and computer controlled status, laser engraving is the preferred way of engraving in today’s world as the technology now allows insane customisation combined with a finesse. This fast and efficient method has been largely adopted and is used in both a personal and commercial setting. Perfect for the likes of signs, nameplates and merchandise it is the best form of engraving currently available.


Whilst it is clear that laser engraving provides the best approach for engraving in the current market, both the CNC and hand engraving techniques are worthy of consideration in their own right. All the techniques offer a slightly different approach and outcome which is perfect for different materials and uses. So next time you are looking to get some engraving done, make sure that you are aware of which method is best for the situation and material you intend on using, because that is key.