Your guide to summer office chic  

Your guide to summer office chic
The warmer months are fast approaching with the thermometer predicted to reach numbers well above the thirties so it’s no surprise if the office is starting to feel a little stuffy.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you have to ditch the smart office look for plain old camisoles and flip-flops, nor do you need to sweat it out in your shirts and black trousers.

The high street has a wide range of options that can keep you both cool and looking chic.

The work pants

Find yourself a pair of tapered or cropped trousers that can give off ‘important business woman’ vibes whilst simulating the comfort of loungewear.

Having two or three pairs of trousers not only offer comfort in the office but is also perfect for pairing with almost anything on top, for example, a light and breathable blouse or an oversized button-down shirt. You may even still be able to find that sophisticated look by pairing with your favourite tee and a smart pair of flats. The possibilities are endless!

Bright colours

Who said office clothes have to be boring? Bring in the summer sun with bright colours and vibrant patterns.

Use a plain, white shirt or top as a blank canvas to flaunt brightly coloured blazers, skirts, and summer cardies. Or reverse it with elegant patterned shirts underneath a neutral coloured, lightweight skirt suit.

The midi skirt

The midi skirt is a must-have clothing item that belongs in everybody’s wardrobe – add a couple of pleats and you’re halfway to creating an elegant office ensemble. Opt for a longer skirt made of a lightweight material for extra comfort and breathability.

Similarly to office pants, a pleated midi-skirt can be paired with almost anything and it will heighten its sophistication. Don’t be afraid to stray away from your average button-down shirts and experiment with more casual T-shirts and light, patterned blouses.

The midi skirt also offers plenty of opportunities to show off your figure – by accessorising with a belt, you can create a chic, figure-hugging ensemble without the discomfort during the warm weather.

A patterned summer dress

Summer dresses aren’t just for sitting in the garden with a gin and tonic. Such dresses are designed with both style and comfort in mind so are often perfect options for sporting to the office. When choosing your outfit you will want something that is both comfortable and cool, whilst still looking professional and a smart summer dress can often be your answer.

We’re not talking about strapless maxi’s and plunging necklines, but a classy shirt dress with a statement print and a belt to flatter your figure is a perfect option for those warmer office temperatures.  Other options to consider are loose-fitting, short-sleeved v-neck and scoop-necks, wrap dresses or skaters with a tie or statement belt.

Don’t let the summer heat melt your style – you can still look office chic during the warmer months. Experiment with ensembles, you’ll be surprised with what you might find! Pick comfortable, lightweight styles and have fun with bright colours that will keep you looking and feeling cool. Got any further suggestions? Let us know what you think in the comments!